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Trafikjournalen (Looking for cars to review again)


So I will make 1998 coupe that will be as used car.


Nice job, that was a fun read!
hopefully i can get a car into the next issue as well :grinning:


Noooooo!!! I can’t read it in compressed file because I need to pay for the subscription of WinZip. So how should I read it?


Download 7zip


Where should I look if my windows is 32-bit x86 or 64-bit x64?
Edit: The article is awesome!


You did succeed with downloading and unzipping?


Yes I did thanks to 7zip! 7zip is very helpful. It helps me open those compressed file.

By the way, I can’t wait for the next article…


Farox is listening! If you come out with a 2001 issue, I’ll send you guys the facelift :wink:


All cars needed for the next issue found.


I could give you a 1997 Farox Cielo, about the same size as a 1995 Camry if that fits :smile:


May be interesting for a later issue, definitely, but this above is what I am requesting right now.


i have a small wagon kicking around, i will revamp it quickly and probably get it to you in 30 or so
Edit: the car is fairly large, 2.7m long but it costs $9600, is that OK @Knugcab ?


A bit larger than I thought but on the other hand, large economy cars can be interesting as alternatives to small ones, like when the Lada (not a large car but still kind of the same concept) was fighting against the really small subcompacts on the market in the 80s… So, why not, go ahead.


I can give you a TSR Okanawa SUV if you want… But I’m busy at the moment. Will make the car later…


No sweat, I’ve been a part of a team that made one issue of an Automation magazine, and I know the amount of work that goes into it. We were 3 people and it still took a hell of a long time to make it look remotely good, and there’s still things I find could’ve been done better. In other words - making a magazine to a top level is a full time job.


Great! I will probably not start on the new issue in a while anyway.


I’ve changed my mind a little bit. Since I’m not sure that there is an original 911 or an original Mini of the automation universe, with extremely long production run, I’ve decided that I am satisfied with doing articles on older cars instead. So, I am looking for a more “normal” car, and a sports car, with release year 1967 or earlier (can be any year of the trim though as long as it’s not later than 1997), I guess that will be easier?

Also, still looking for a 1997 econobox. :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated with a presentation of some of the staff, I think that it makes the magazine a bit more…convincing, for being an imaginary one. Right or wrong I don’t know…

(Probably gotten all cars now for the next issue except the 1997 econobox, still looking)


Is this one enough of a boring econobox for you? :stuck_out_tongue:
1997 Epoch M10 Ansom GL
Comes in at $8,818


I got the right econobox yesterday, but it might be interesting for the future still, so I keep that one in mind.