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Transmission Cost Balances


I’m noticing some weird figures for the different types of transmissions on a modern car. Currently, these are the rankings of the transmission types on a 2016 car with a 150hp generic V6 (so no absurd reinforcements for torque and HP) and six gears.

Production Cost
1/2. Manual (9.80)
1/2. Sequential (9.80)
3. Automatic (13.40)
4/5. Dual Clutch (14.60)
4/5. Adv Automatic (14.60)

Material Cost
1,. Manual (417)
2. Sequential (471)
3. Dual Clutch (524)
4/5. Automatic (542)
4/5. Adv Automatic (542)

Engineering Time
1,. Manual (5.23)
2. Sequential (6.98)
3. Automatic (9.30)
4. Dual Clutch (10.17)
5. Adv Automatic (10.46)

The main outlier in these figures I believe is the advanced automatic. It costs more in every category than a sequential and a dual clutch, when at heart its a sequential with a smarter computer. I believe its costs should be lowered to sit a bit above sequential in everything but engineering time (which should mirror the traction aids in additional costs & effort). In addition, I think sequential should have its production units raised to account for the hydraulics. I have a gut feeling the Dual Clutch should also be brought over the mechanical auto in terms of material and weight, but I have no hard data for or against so I can’t say

Ultimately I believe the advanced auto should be superior to the mechanical auto, unless you have the very extensive engineering time that both RL companies and the player are assumed to have


Definitely something to look into once we have the context of the Lite Campaign V3. I assure you though that every not-sports car would use an advanced automatic unless that is made pretty expensive (time wise, especially). :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t an Advanced Automatic just a more modern Automatic?
And a Sequencial isn’t one with hydraulic actuation, only the more hi-tech ones use Hydro.
Most real world Seq boxes are standard “yank on a stick” boxes.


And the odd one that is a “dumb” flappy-paddle (IE, it won’t change gears on its own, like an automatic would).