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Transparent pictures on the forums


Can somebody explain to me why does my transparent picture appear as a white picture when I post it.

this is how it should look

this is how it looks when uploaded


Are you exporting it as a .png?




I can clearly see you exported it as jpg. Try png and it should work fine.


When you export as png make sure it is under 3mb, theres a chance discourse is converting them to be smaller


But it says it is png

So if I make the logo black and the background white it works but how to make the logo white? If I colour it white than the whole picutre just becomes white.


I can see that the first pic is uploaded as a PNG but the second is uploaded as a JPG. Are you sure you exported the first file as a PNG?


Yeah when exporting it says png but as soon as I publish it it says it is jpg. When I put the logo white it becomes jpg.