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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, not today

TNP is being lazy today


I hope not, because I’m lazy too often and that might end up in a catastrophe.

TNP is annoying (on purpose?).


False, just facetious.

TNP has been fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.



TNP is under a special investigation


Yes, but only because I told my boss he could “take this job and shovel it!”

TNP knows how to use the three seashells.


I’m afraid I don’t. Though it’s an interesting idea…

TNP has voted in 2017 Antiyita Best In Show Awards!


True,(i bet my car will have ZERO votes)

TNP knows the existence of fidget spinners


Too well

TNP hates those damn things


They are fine, let people do what they want with life.

TNP had a pet rock


Within 2 minutes of my childhood have i thought i had a pet rock (because i was such a nerd)

TNP calls his/her car with nicknames


Nope, but I’ve had a couple ex-girlfriends that did.

TNP also has a crazy ex.


I had a crazy girl ask me out once but that’s the closest I’ve got.

TNP is riding the hypetrain



TNP knows the kamehameha.


Nope, but I know how to do dreadful impersonations of it.

TNP is so friggin ready for i5s in UE4


Way too ready, you know it.

TNP is tomato soup


Well I mean I like Tomato soup, but I don’t know if that means I am tomato soup…

TNP has seen what’s happened in Manchester


Yes :sob:

TNP observed a moment of silence


False, but I did watch it all unfold on twitter and the news last night.

TNP has got some Manchester music on in solidarity


Not exactly appropriate but it’s a great song

TNP can play an instrument as well as these chaps


I aspire to actually be Johnny Marr, so yeah.

TNP loves The Smiths as much as I do
haha jokes that’s not physically possible sorry trick question