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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, I’m the type of person that would order a cheeseburger without cheese because I absolutely despise cheddar.

TNP has driven a car that’s based on the 2cv chassis


I haven’t seen any 2CVs in my life lol

TNP is sleeping.


No, but I wish I could type while sleeping.

TNP loves minivans


I really do. They’re great, extremely practical and versatile vehicles.

TNP’s car is older than TNP


False. My black Mk6 Ford Fiesta is a 2007 model. Alongside this, my next car will still not be older than me since what I want to trade up to is a 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero.

TNP would like LEGO to bring back the Tiny Turbos.


I used to love these things back in my childhood, had about 3 of them, very much would like to see them come back.

TNP has a sizeable collection of LEGO Technic models.


Not large by any means, but relatively bigger cuz i don’t know anyone (personally) who has a bigger collection than me except maybe a doctor i had.

Tnp likes dark chocolate


Not really. Too bitter.

TNP has a car


What’s my dad’s is mine :stuck_out_tongue: 2017 Toyota GT86 TRD.

TNP likes to speedrun certain games


Not necessarily, I like doing hot laps in racing games but that’s about it lol.

TNP defies the laws of gravity with me and likes Chrysler.


Nah, I often had a 50:50 feelings about the brand.

TIL is a massive troll in the other parts of the internet.


Being a troll is not a very gamer thing to do

TNP has been stung by a bee recently


False. I have killed more bees than have been stung by bees.
TNP agrees that the AE86 body is the worst body in the game.


Only the versions with more than 4 doors. The 3/2 door versions are fine. Even I rarely use them.

TNP will react to this:





time to revive the thread I guess

TNP prefers dogs over cats


False, equal loving. However I do have two baby loaves of bread.


TNP has never owned a pet.


False, I have a dog, old but still alive and I love it :cry:

TNP is trying to do stuff on their own for a personal project too.


What personal project I own right now? None. That’s all I can say.

TNP did something weird before.


Depends on what you mean.

TNP will define ‘weird’ and answer the above question.