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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I got a Mehari, I drive it for fun, and yeah I love it :grin:



Ew, motorsports, ew nascar

TNP thinks I should impulse buy a Ford StreetKa


False, only a few cars are acceptable to impulse buy and that is not one

If you want to get a small car go for the fiesta, it’s ka sized but actually good

TNP has impulse bought a car


True, and I’m only answering that to say if I wanted a supermini I would just get a supermini but I don’t really get how a 2 seat convertible is comparable with a supermini anyway

Continuing TNP has impulse-bought a car


Off topic, did not realise that was the convertible, well I don’t think a fiesta convertible exsists so I guess why not then


True, if toy cars count. I actually have hundreds of them.

If you want actual information about impulse-buying you should go here probs: Dumb questions someone else might answer

TNP also has WAY too many toy cars.


I have a 25 pound (yes I actually weighed it) bucket of Hotwheels.

TNP owns a car with more than 350 hp


I wish

TNP’s car can’t do 0-60 in less than 20 seconds


False… If you throw it off of a plane.

TNP wants to throw stuff off of a plane.


Yes, myself (I assume you wouldn’t be attaching parachutes to the stuff?)

TNP likes gnocchi


The pasta? Yeah.

Tnp speaks jive


TNP speaks the English english.


Of course. I am probably the poshest Brit on these damn forums.

TNP has a posh voice.


If I speak normally, then I am frequently mistaken for a Brit due to one’s English English.

When I speak to most of my patients however, it turns into either pidgin English, or Bogan.

TNP is sleeping in.


For once no! The first time in 4 weeks that I’ve been awake at the time I wanted to be!

TNP also woke up early to see a dentist about some f-ing annoying gap in their teeth that cropped up overnight and then had to wait an hour to see the dentist and etc, etc.


False but idk how many times I had to do that when I had my piece of shit braces and get treated the exact fucking same

TNP has braces


No but I need em

TNP like British racing green


True but I’m more of a Belgian Racing Yellow person

TNP is tired



TNP is an X-Ray



TNP Spells it “tyre” instead of “tire”