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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Not the sandwiches…

TNP is a sandwich


False, and don’t make me write an another analysis.

TNP is aborted.



TNP is European


Hell yeah. Until 2019 at least.

TNP has bought some fresh new threads recently


Nope, my all purpose treads are getting worn to hell, developing holes and whatnot from sustained abuse.

I’ll get new cheap shoes once they do literally fall apart like all my daily shoes before them!

TNP is frugal.


only when I have to be.

TNP prefers this: http://www.cars4christmas.org to cash for clunkers


i dunno what that is. and i need some explaination first

TNP think buying MC right now it still worth it


To be fair, if you still haven’t bought it, I’d say it’s worth it. It’s still a great game at heart despite the overtly childish community and the Microsott ownership.

TNP got Minecraft during the alpha/beta stage.


1.73 Beta was my jam

TNP lives off pot noodles


Leave the noodles part out.

TNP likes food in general


Wow, I do. Food is great.

TNP pokes their head out of the gutter for one freakin’ second and fate shovels shit in their face



TNP has broken their clutch before


False. Rev matching + gentle operation and not dumping it = everlasting clutches.

TNP prefers grinded meat to meatballs on their pasta.


false, I prefer no meat on my pasta.

TNP finds this gif kinda mesmerizing:


True. Definitely true.

TNP has a ton of LEGO sitting around collecting dust


Not sure much collecting dust as those weekend I have to continue the great basement delegofication

TNP somehow enjoys moving


True. Using something that has wheels - a plane at best, but a car or a bicycle are fine too :wink:

TNP likes reading some books many times.


True. I usually read things at least twice just to be sure i looked over and understood everything.

TNP has done a burnout.


Who hasn’t? :joy:

TNP has locked up the brakes.


False, ABS :frowning:

TNP regularly drives a car over 25 years old