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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I don’t cosplay as a naughty nun, if that’s what you mean.

TNP has a fetish for sexy Halloween costumes.


I have a fetish for most sexy things tbh…

…but what is “sexy”?

TNP will help me define it


Oh hell no, you don’t want my help defining that. No siree :joy:

TNP is a deviant.


true… at least in my community of life. so different standards.

TNP wants to know what KSC is


Kerbal Space Center, duh

TNP was looking for an actual definition


What happens in the Sacred Corner stays in the Sacred Corner.

TNP knows that what they don’t know can’t hurt them


I don’t know… :wink:

TNP spends half his income on food



TNP spends half their income on their car


False, probably more like… 3%

…I don’t really need that much fuel and my service costs aren’t huge, it’s all rego and insurance too.

TNP spends more on their car than they do on food.


I burn through more food than my mate’s VTEC Prelude does oil. Disco Inferno.

TNP doesn’t have time for that.


Nobody tho :wink:

TNP values it’s life


Wow that’s a lot to expect from me

TNP has a YouTube channel


true… kinda… it’s somewhere between dead and alive

TNP has something that they wanted to do/worked on but has delayed it for far too long


True, I have been supposed to “refurbish” my bike’s plastics for 2 months now. I’ve got all of the needed stuff, so I don’t know why I keep postponing it.

TNP is too lazy to sleep.


I am lazy so I sleep, so false?

TNP is not lazy


So, I guess, very much false :smiley:

TNP has too many ideas and too little time for them all.


Hell to yeah. I want to travel to half of Asia, be a political commentator, be a geographer, design a bridge and more.

TNP is following Hurricane Irma



TNP is gonna watch the same people that votes for New York to not get funding after Sandy get completely fucked


already did

TNP wonders why nobody responded to this thread in over a week



TNP smells good