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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, but my computer isn’t powerful enough to run it well enough.

TNP is from England :uk: :tea:


I refer back to this previous reply for my answer.

TNP loves the way you call me big poppa.


England is my city

TNP’s colla stay poppin


nope, too lame for that
and live in the us

tnp submitted a car for csr51


True; my first time participating.

The next person needs a hug.


TNP has posted in this thread before the next reply after this.



TNP is very tired and should probably go to sleep now


True, been working on my car all day.

TNP doesn’t pay mechanics either.


True but Civ V exists so I can’t

TNP likes Civ V over VI


unknown… But probably. I don’t own civ VI

tnp has an important car for their automation company that they have never made a post for.


True. (Every Rado from the 1980s-1990s)
TNP is going to make the post in this thread that is exactly 4 replies from now.



TNP has nothing against FWD.


False. Tires have finite traction. Front wheel drives use up more of the front tires’ traction during a steering event and acceleration event at the same time compared to RWD vehicles; and they are therefore inferior to RWD vehicles.

The next person prefers active AWD above all.


No. Those are boring.

TNP thinks that cars have too much electronic bs these days



TNP is currently attending high school.


False. Second year at university.

TNP wants dealers to make driver aids selectable when ordering the car, so that you don’t get overdone traction control or stability.


I want a car with so little electrical stuff in it that it’s legally not allowed to be sold anymore.
( I also own two cars like that and I’ve seen how great the modern electronic systems are at saving lives, cos traction control delete should never be an option since there is no known way that the driver of such car could always be in 100% control of it.)

TNP also loves old cars with no safety features.


I love old cars with safety features. Did I ever mention that I’m a Saab and Volvo fan? :wink: I’m not an “ambitious driver” and therefore the more safety features the better for me. They won’t interrupt my normal driving.
On the other hand I currently own an old car in which the only safety feature are the belts and I’d like to own many more such cars…

TNP has nightmares.


And how! Usually about aliens or malevolent rogue AI or having some sort of car trouble.

TNP occasionally dreams of just walking around a weird version of their home town.



TNP can not smell right now