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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Possibly true, going through evaluation atm which is nice cause at least autism would explain why depression meds don’t work

TNP is going through some shit


They call it life

TNP is happy


I wish I knew what that was.

TNP can touch their tongue to their nose.


Not the tip of my nose, but yes

TNP can’t



How do you do that? It’s hard

TNP can succ good


͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧

TNP can make a sicc burger


quicc n slicc

TNP knows that man’s not hot


Which man? Where are the hot men? CLICK HERE TO SEE HOT MEN IN YOUR AREA??

TNP is hot enough to melt steel beams



That meme broke me, I will use that one day

TNP has made some fine memes


Tralse? Just one, and it’s understandable for me and my friends only, because it’s about one of them.

TNP doesn’t understand the point of many modern-internet-social-networky things (I don’t…).


True, I would’ve been more at home running liquor to speakeasies.

TNP also feels they were born in the wrong time.


True but mostly false, some things I wish I was around for but for the most part the 21st century is ok

TNP wants to be from the future


i’m not sure tbh :confused:

TNP just feels ,ijkudsrghbiluyzrdshfsgbvyujohlbRWESv


Nah, I’m more of a fguefguiiefufhhfhffggfgfhffhfhfhfhjgmngmmmmmmmmmm

TNP is on their way to San José


False, I am not travelling

TNP has an actual toolbox I can borrow buz mine are shit


Nah I just have some small bits for a screwdriver type, not anything for cars or bikes or the like

TNP has a sticc



TNP watches anime in school


False, I don’t watch anime at all

TNP has just eaten lunch


Just ate breakfast

TNP is in a different time one from most of us


True, the same as Deus

TNP likes RPG’S