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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


dat mullet in the camaro guy tho!

TNP participates in some form of motorsport IRL.


T’was once true. But I haven’t done anything since I had the Galant. I probably won’t get the chance until spring, when I’ll be due for new tires.

TNP doesn’t like iPhones.


Tralse. I definitely don’t hate them and once even I somewhat liked them, but I was always sure that it isn’t a device for me, even though the reasons varied over time. Now I think that they are a bit more boring than the Android competition and they are about the same quality.

TNP likes darkness.


It makes me feel happy.

TNP is their most happy when left alone.


Darn right!

TNP can enjoy the sound of silence.


sometimes I do, yeah.

TNP can tell me a cool car for under $1,000


A32 Nissan Maxima

TNP actually likes their shitbox.


Absolutely. I love it to bits.

TNP wants a Japanese car (and not just because JDM)


Toyota Celica is bae

TNP has at least 5 own companies on this forum



@cpufreak101 that VR6 Jetta from last night :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP would not trust a $600 VR6 Jetta


No I would not

TNP lives in a state of constant fear and misery, do you miss me anymore? And I don’t even notice when it hurts anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore…


yeah, he was pretty old.

TNP thinks IKEA’s products are named playing Scrabble


No, it’s from a language called Swedish. Look it up, the words almost always have a meaning.

TNP requires 0w20


All the time. I live by that shit.

TNP never leaves the house without a can of WD-40 with them


False but I always bring my towel

TNP also never leaves without their towel


False, except when I’m going to my local pool.

TNP will never leave home without a pair of headsets for their phone.


Would be true if any of the small ones I have were still working.

TNP has a thing that’s always with them (but not the phone, wallet, keys - these are too obvious).


My loneliness

TNP is not lonely



TNP has been in a musical.


In the pit, i.e. the orchestra. A few.

TNP wants to play something unconventional at their funeral.