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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True. I think Hells Bells would work well.

TNP has hope.


Somehow true

TNP knows hope


I might, depends on who’s asking… How do I know you’re not trying to bust me? How do I know you don’t have a piece hiding under that sports jacket? Ok, ok. Listen: I don’t know her personally but if you go around the corner and ask the girly girls there one of 'em might give you some sugar and for a couple extra dollars might tell you more about her. Now do you want me to finish you or not cause oral is extra.

TNP can guess what car I just bought


90s Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable

TNP needs new tires.



TNP has a Mercedes


False, but I’d love a 280SL Padoga, 4th Gen Facelift S Class or one of the new SLAs.

TNP is still playing Mario Kart DS


I will be after I pick up a copy again

@Sillyducky still never replied. it’s a lost hope

TNP is lusting over a Toyota echo for seemingly no apparent reason


Sorry, don’t like Toyota




TNP is a “Little old lady from Pasadena”


I’m not little, I’m not old, I’m not a lady, I’m not from Pasadena. So I guess entirely true :smile:

TNP will carry the torch for me



TNP likes EDM Metal
(NOTE: Must be Friday in your timezone to listen, sorry)


Sorry, don’t have a spotify account, cant listen (and it’s technically still Thursday for me right now)

TNP likes bands with strong female lead vocals.


True I guess

@cpufreak101 it’s too cute

TNP thinks the Toyota Echo hatch is too fucking cute and must be removed from the public so I can operate as a normal human by avoiding the risk of seeing one and having a mental breakdown


Get a hold of yourself it’s an eco shitbox good lord.

TNP needs to pull their head in


Not currently, but I did hang my head out of a train window once. That was definitely a situation where this was true.

TNP just ate fúd.


Just had a whopper and a big king xxl

TNP can guess my new car better than @SkylineFTW97 :smirk: (don’t worry dood you were on the right trail)


A Citroen 2CV?

TNP agrees that attitude Punk was better than purely political Punk music.


Not quite sure I can agree with your viewpoint there, the whole Punk movement of the late 70s was inherently political in that it was a reaction to the combined feelings of apathy, disconnection and anger that many felt towards the political system and society as a whole.

Obviously, of course, this is very subjective (which you certainly seem to appreciate) but I think in order to answer that question, you really have to look at individual songs - for instance, I’d probably say “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” by The Ramones is definitely an ‘attitude punk’ song whilst “White Riot” by The Clash is absolutely a ‘political Punk’ song. But, if I had to choose which one to listen to, I personally wouldn’t choose based on their message, I’d choose on their music.

However, I also think that the political songs that Punk produced were very, very important for cultural reasons, particularly in the UK. But, I couldn’t go as far to as suggest that these songs were better or worse than the more attitude focused ones.

Hence, I can’t agree with your statement, as it’s too subjective to fit in with my opinions on punk music.

Of course though, I’m very confident that we can both agree that punk music was and still is bloody fucking awesome.

TNP has heard the statement that The Clash were “the only band that mattered” (and also can’t seem to find who originally said it).

Side note @Deponte: Favourite punk band, album, song etc?


Side comment (not TNP) - that’s the kind of post that I like this thread for :grinning:


Well I don’t like overly political punk and I guess that’s why I like Americanized Punk more but recently I’ve been into The Misfits (and Danzig’s solo work), The Clash, Ramones, and Iggy (Makes sense since Bowie is my favourite artist).