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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


pick one, mon frere.


to pick up from there…


TNP hates it when they fall in live with a lesbian


False, hasn’t happened to me…yet

TNP prefers Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke

@Deponte Misfits are a solid band, glad to see you like The Clash too and hell yes, someone else who has Bowie as their favourite artist :smiley:

Iggy Pop is brilliant, ain’t he. Are you more into his earlier work with The Stooges or his solo stuff?


True, it’s happened once to me

TNP can open a can without a can opener


I’ve been into their debut album a lot but The Idiot and Lust For Life are classics too.


Get onto Raw Power, that’s a properly incredible record. Not that the rest of his stuff isn’t either of course :wink:

Anyway do continue guys :stuck_out_tongue:


We seem to have derailed a bit. One got missed so here goes:

True, I prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke. But overall I prefer water over either.

True, theoretically. I’ve never opened a can without an opener but I possess a wide variety of tools that I’m sure could get the job done. A torch would easily cut it open, even cook the food inside in the process.

TNP knows how much it sucks to breathe in antifreeze vapor.


True, having dealt with that when I fixed the Civic’s cooling system a few weeks ago. And it still overheats if I idle it on downhill inclines for more than about 30 seconds. But that’s relatively rare, so I should be fine for now.

TNP has some weird quirk like that on their car.


True on my mom’s car, it has a weird idle when it’s cold (5°c ish or below) it likes to go between 850 and 950 up and down but always sticks it right at 850 when it’s warm

TNP has a car that isn’t odd


True. Hyundai i30 - as not-odd as it gets.

TNP likes their car but doesn’t love it


Wish I had one

Which gen? :grinning:

TNP has too many USB cables


Actually rather too few

and: The one Martin Winterkorn approved of :sunglasses:

TNP likes PS controllers better than xbox ones



TNP has a PS1 controller


PS2, it’s the only one I have

TNP is lost


Indeed. Modding is not easy.

TNP is playing a RTS game.



TNP wants me to review one of their cars (I’m bored okay and have no submissions)


I don’t even have any Kee cars left.

TNP is a cable cutter.


Only Amazon Prime and an antenna now so yes

I also cut physical cables but only for the trash

TNP cuts cables and uses cut sections


Well I cut speaker wire and wasting that is completely stupid given how expensive it is, so this is true.

TNP has listened to Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds


False. I might.

TNP has a sudden urge to play some KSP, though has no clue how to really play it al that well