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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Ahhh! Get out of my head!
I spent all morning thinking about getting back into Kerbal.

The next person has a sleep schedule that is very broken.


True, somehow I have ended up getting up at 8 and going to bed at 10-11

TNP sleeps too little


True, I’ve been trying to sleep more, but alas, YouTube exists.

TNP doesn’t like asparagus.



TNP just realised that the quickest street legal factory 1/4 of the 80’s is a damn V6 automatic Buick (Or at least one of the top 5 quickest)


Tralse - I was aware that the GNX is pretty high up there (also I really like that car)

TNP likes boxy cars



TNP has one specific feature they can’t live without (that isn’t something obvious like a radio or A/C).


A cassette player. I don’t like aftermarket players cause they ruin the interior continuity and I don’t have money to buy cars new enough to have aux ports or bluetooth and who has the time to bother downloading songs and burning them to CD anymore so I just use my aux to cassette adapter.

TNP has used a cassette to aux adapter


No, but I have used both separately

TNP is a :poop:



@noporian what adapter do you use? I will have to get one soon and of it’s any good I’d perfer to have an adapter instead of an ugly and expensive head unit

TNP can recommend a head unit that doesn’t look like shit in a normal car


Probably false. The one I have in the Civic is just the cheapest Bluetooth enabled one that Best Buy had last black friday. But I don’t care about form, all I wanted was Bluetooth.

I’ll leave it to you to decide

TNP has slept inside their car for more than an hour at once.


Several times… even on a vehicle and I am not counting camping either.

Cold fall night, open Jeep, got tired so I pulled well off of the road and curled up on the hood.

TNP has never even considered sleeping in a vehicle


False, I have (and even did)

TNP is suffering from depression


t r u e

@Sillyducky I use a Besdata one I ordered off Amazon.de, paid only 5€ for it, works really nice especially if you’re not too much of an audiophile and don’t require the most crisp sound ever. Mine also has a multifunction button on the aux plug to play/pause/skip songs or answer calls with. There’s a couple variations you can probably find a better one with prices from 6$ to 20$ off US Amazon but those didn’t deliver to Europe so I didn’t buy them.

TNP can name at least half the worlds countries (UN member states only)


Yes. I’m not doing it here. Too lazy.

TNP lives in a feudal society.


False - but given how thoroughly fucked up our western democracies are, I sometimes wish I would.

TNP likes axes better than swords.


Nah mate. Swords any day.

TNP duel wields a sword and magic in Skyrim


Rarely. Usually a sword and an unique dagger, which I obtained by “saying f… you” to the game :smile: (no, not cheating)

TNP has a car older than themself.


Tralse. I had one. That 1993 Civic whose clutch cable snapped before getting stolen.

TNP has also had a car stolen from them.


False, hard to steal what doesn’t exist :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP has a motor vehicle with less than 4 wheels



TNP has a motor vehicle with more than four wheels.