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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



TNP is living next to annoying neighbors.


You got that right!

TNP needs a bio break.


So you too are also a reader of Wired?

TNP got some new shirts recently



TNP is sick currently


False, not sick often

TNP is sick a lot


Thankfully not.

TNP likes Amstel


Never tried.

TNP likes Strongbow.


IDK. I drank some cider once and I liked it, but I don’t remember what it was exactly.

TNP smokes.



TNP has fought a wolf over the dead moose in the Siberian wilderness on TV series pilot trying to rival Bear Gryll’s show

P.S: How many bears would Bear Gryll’s grill if Bear Grylls would grill bears?


False, not yet at least. Not much a wolf fighter you see.

It’s raining wherever TNP is

Answer: Bear Grylls would grill 10 bears on Bear Gryll’s bear grill .


False, but it has been for 3 days or so until yesterday.

TNP has eaten some extravagant meat (Crocodile, Kangaroo or somesuch) at least once in their life.


Does Alligator count?

TNP approves of this.


Of course, comrade

TNP is a blin


I can’t decide whether triviliasing the stereotypes surrounding Russia, the USSR, Eastern Europe and Slavic culture is actually very offensive to those people, an incredible example of the power of the internet to breakdown boundaries between the East and West via meme culture or just a complete joke

Speaking of Russia,
TNP is interested in the Battle of Stalingrad
(bonus points if you’ve seen the 1993 Stalingrad film and/or Enemy At The Gates)


Very much so, I had to do a presentation on it last year and greatly enjoyed it. The 2013 movie is utterly shit and I’ve not seen the 1993 one fully, just bits in between. I did see a few documentaries though, as nerdy as it sounds, they’re better than movies for me.

TNP isn’t okay with this darkness


I AM darkness :stuck_out_tongue: And even though I’m not entirely ok with myself, I’m ok with this.

TNP is a troll.

Also I’m a Slav (Polish though) and I’m OK with making fun of all that @DeusExMackia mentioned. In Poland we often have fun of Czechs and Russians, and AFAIK at least Czechs have fun of us. And of ourselves, although most will pretend that it doesn’t refer them personally, when it often does. Most popular meme in Polish internet in about last year depicted stereotypical Pole as a monkey :smile:

BTW do we have someone Russian on the forum?
BTW 2 Deus is what I wrote above correct grammatically? I feel like I’ve messed something up, not sure what though… (and yes I’m a grammar nazi for myself)
Apart from missing “a/an/the”, there’ll 99% sure be one. I always forget about them :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I live under a bridge and try to eat anyone that tries to cross it so true I guess

TNP burns bridges.



or even

I guess yes then, I do like burning bridges

TNP likes the smell of olive oil


True, idk why

TNP likes the smell of gasoline