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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


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… … …
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… …
… … …?



TNP yes.



TNP will return some sense to this thread.



TNP likes to stay quiet, looking at the ceiling and doing nothing for a few minutes sometimes.



TNP yes



TNP up.


Yes. I am an Up Quark.

TNP thinks.

@szafirowy01 Well, I understood the message so that’s fine! :smiley:
With regards to correct grammar, a few things to note, though they’re mostly UK-specific colloquialisms etc

“In Poland we often have fun of Czechs and Russians” would be “In Poland we often make fun of Czechs and Russians”

“And of ourselves” would be “And with ourselves”

“in about last year” would be “within the last year”

(please don’t take this patronisingly it’s in no way intended to be!)


Therefore I am

TNP know’s i’ve posted too much for today but knows I couldn’t pass up that chance


I had no idea, but it’s better you said it than I.

TNP understands Dean Koontz.



Tnp missed an exam in their life


Not as I can recall

TNP believes in cryptids and that these have a chance of existence or former existence (At least some of them)


Ofc I do. Santa is real okay…

TNP thinks that waking up at 12pm is acceptable


No. And I woke up at 3 pm. F…k me.

TNP is organised.


Hahahaha that’s a good one

TNP has tried to shift without the clutch


True, rev matching is the answer. But I figure a clutch is cheaper than a transmission rebuild so I’ll generally stick to the clutch.

TNP has double-clutched before.


Yes, I’ve driven a few non-synchro cars before, and recently my synchros went out on 3 and fourth gear in my Subaru, which forced me to double clutch.

TNP has driven with nitrous oxide boost!


Nah. Ain’t my kinda thing (unless NFSU2 counts? Because we all know drifting has the incredible power to formulate Nitrous Oxide…)

TNP has heal-toed before (with some success)


Kinda true, although the car was completely stationary. I was holding the car stationary with the brake, held the clutch and revved the engine to get my dad’s attention :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

TNP is a baguette.



TNP is a black sheep