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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Nah I’m white but I can be a sheep

TNP is every one of their friends go to to bitch to life about


No, but there was a time when psychopaths would regularly pick me to share their hallucinative (is that even a word?) conspiracy theories with…

TNP wears glasses



TNP has played Toca Race Driver 2


Not as I recall

TNP thinks ICE will be going away sooner than we think


False, I actually think it’ll stick around longer than we think, albeit in a neutered form (ethanol, hybrids, etc…)

TNP has had a transmission go bad on them.


Just the opposite, as I realise that electric drive will probably cheapen slowly, and most people just won’t buy a car that will have higher overall cost of few years of ownership just for the sake of modernity or ecology (the latter questionable in some countries getting most of their power from non-green sources such as coal - Poland for example). That will last even longer in developing or othwerwise poor countries, where new cars are bought rarely and even then they are mostly very cheap ones, which will for quite some time yet stay ICE-only, not even hybrid (are there any really cheap hybrid cars? And hybrids are a normal sight for longer than electrics and are cheaper). Then there’s also the sports car market where hybrids might be a majority rather soon, but the demise of ICEs will probably be delayed as much as possible for the subjective, emotional reasons - and sports cars are (usually) all about emotions.

Sniped: False. It was bad already.

TNP has driven a two-stroke car.


False, my bike is a two stroke though but has individual oil and petrol tanks so I don’t have to mix everytime I fuel up

TNP is looking for satellites (It’s a reference to a David Bowie song :astonished:)


Dont bother, the closest you will ever see is the ISS. Satellites are too small and moving too quickly to track with a telescope.

TNP thinks that the Grand Tour was a disappointment


Haven’t seen enough to know for sure, but it certainly didn’t feel as charming as Top Gear did before, even with the same presenters. And it’s not me losing taste, since I watched old episodes I’ve seen a million times and was still entertained. I don’t know what, but something just didn’t transfer to the new show.

TNP likes CVTs.


False. Any good sound the vehicle makes (if it sounds good that is) just becomes a static droning noise that’s annoying. I know it pulls strong and all. But just… Nah

Tnp has driven an automatic manual car


… Yes
E46 M3, e60 M5 and e63 645, all with the awful SMG gearbox

TNP never broke past 200 kph while behind the wheel.


True. Fastest I’ve gone is about 105km/h, because +5 is useful.

TNP has gone on some sort of famous race track.


Virtually, yes. I had the opportunity to go to Assen but fucking school

TNP is defective


Defective in the sense that my will to live has gone awol.

TNP went to a concert recently


True, Eluveitie 3 weeks ago.

TNP can recommend me some film with a bit of magic :stuck_out_tongue:


Blues Brothers is magical, just not with wizards

TNP will give an actual recommendation


(not TNP)

That was a good recommendation, as you’ve reminded me that I wanted to watch this film :slight_smile:


Now You See Me

TNP will reply by saying “True.”



TNP survived No Nut November.



TNP is magical.