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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, not once… many times.

TNP has not bothered with a wrench and went straight for the torch before.


False, but I do use it as a hammer if it’s closer.

TNP can name something that they wouldn’t use as as hammer.


My phone. It is durable (survived some close encounters with the pavement with no real harm), but I don’t think THAT durable.

TNP has killed some device.


Oh sir I am the master at that
3 discmen
2 phones
2 laptops
1 printer
1 tablet
1 Wii and 1 of it’s remotes
Fite me if you have broken more

TNP has electronics that can survive them


True, my Xbox 360. In the 3 years I’ve had this one, it’s red ringed me 3 times, and yet it’s still alive. There’s also my phone (Samsung Galaxy Avant), which I’ve dropped countless times and submerged once.

TNP likes to put their stuff through durability tests just for the hell of it.


I AM the durability test. I break stuff constantly by using it.

TNP has experienced polar night



TNP has experienced 90F+ summers (Aka hell)


Did you mean:

Sorry, I just had to :stuck_out_tongue:


TNP is picky about their measuring units.


SI units or death

TNP needs deo



TNP is hyped about something cool


Still can’t stop being hyped about Horizon Zero Dawn.

TNP likes turn based CRPGs


Never really played them, I’m more into turn-based RTS’s and seperate RPGs.

TNP is still waiting for Elder Scrolls 6.


False, I’m waiting for Skyrim Special Deluxe Extra Todd Paid Mods Edition (Mac Computer Exclusive)

TNP is up early a lot


I hate mornings

See, that’s why PC is better: all the Skyrim modding you can poke a stick at and more for 5 years already and not a cent to pay :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP really buys into brand rivalry.


False, you should never just go by names and brands and what they promise / say

TNP agrees that Bowie’s best performance / recording of ‘‘Station To Station’’ is the Nassau (Live) Album version


Oooohhhhh. Oohhhhhh!! That is a tough question. Still doesn’t beat the original studio recording for me personally, but hell did he do it well live.

TNP has seen Bowie’s amazing performance at Live Aid.


Wish I had…

TNP thinks “Hair Metal” is a horribly misleading term


Erm, sort of?

TNPs hair is a mess


False, I try to care for it. But oh, what a mess it was 1.5 year ago…

TNP has played some game more than Automation (I’ve played Automation more than all other games counted by Steam…).


Yeah… Borderlands 2. And Fallout 4.

TNP runs a dinosaur of a PC