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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, I wish I was good at anything.

TNP has an alter ego.


Used to, but it has taken control over me since, and now it appears I’m just second-in-command. Was a shit idea, I guess…

TNP is a double agent


Actually a triple

TNP is trying to overthrow a small government


However fun that might sound, I don’t believe I’m doing it right now.

TNP likes Ginger Beer


Never tried it, although ginger ale is great

Relatable af :cry:

TNP laughs at horoscopes


True, they’ve never been right for me

TNP believes in free will



TNP thinks current Kia is one of the best car brands on the market right now.


True. Honestly probably the best value for money you’ll get out of a new car at the moment, plus they look good inside and out and feel better than the trendy brands. Plus they made the Stinger, Cee’d GT and Optima wagon GT.

TNP would buy a modern VW


Absolutely no way :smile:

TNP would daily a 30+ year old car.


Hell yeah my dude

TNP is made of banana oil


Every part of me is pure, 100% filtered Banana oil.

TNP is the one true banana.


I refuse to answer because minions and randem = funny has ruined bananas for me

TNP is getting older and gaining weight


False. Never and I wish (~60 kg at ~183 cm).

TNP is a sum of their addictions.


Part on-the-way-to-being-an-alcholic, part foodie, part searcher-of-old-hondas-on-ebay, part wannabe-political analyser…yeah, that sounds about right.

TNP is so looking forward to Christmas cooking.

Is that an I Hate Everything reference?


(not a tnp answer) It wasn’t on purpose but I guess it might as well’ve been



TNP agrees that the Kawasaki GPZ900 is still the best bike ever made (For all of you that do not know it it’s the bike in ‘‘Top Gun’’ and was the fastest production bike for several years in the 80’s. It can also keep up with a modern Aventador and several other supercars in the quarter mile IIRC which is impressive for a 35 year old bike)


It’s pretty cool but not my most favorite

TNP has eaten octopus


True. Takoyaki is gross though.

TNP has been to Japan


False and probably never will

TNP wants to know how they Japan in Japan


Would be great, I’m going to wait for greater assurance that Kimmy isn’t going to accidentally lob a nuke on them before I go.

TNP has seen the future and is terrified.