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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False. Still on the same from when the car went out of Comission. (Does mean new tyres next month, though)

TNP’s car hasn’t been on the road for a year or longer


Well my bike hasn’t

TNP has a diesel lawnmower


I don’t have any lawnmower.

TNP is diesel.


NO. Petrol powah.

TNP thinks that a snail is a turbo.


I know my car would be a snail without a turbo

TNP has an NA car


True, both of them.

TNP has driven something powered by a Cummins diesel.


True, and a powerstroke and a duramax.

TNP prefers mid sized cars.


I do prefer mid-size or smaller, but that’s because where I live, that’s the market.

TNP owns a car with a greater length than 5m


Ha! False. My car is barely 3.5m long.

TNP has the christmas tree up


False, but we are supposed to get it up on Friday.

TNP has christmas lights


Hanging from the ceiling ready to go around my neck

TNP download


Maybe after Christmas…

I’m jk, don’t worry

TNP just had a nice shower


False, but I will be later

TNP knows what G12 coolant is

'cause i haven’t got a fecking clue


Basically it seems to be some sort of special formula of coolant with lubricant and no phosphates and silicates, when VW uses it they call it G12 or something on those lines

TNPs spirit object is a £5 Halfords windscreen wiper


False, my spirit is dense as a brick, so it doubles as my spirit object.

TNP has been shitting bricks recently (I’m kinda worried about my association chains…)


Shitting bricks? In more than one sense of the word my friend. A protein diet will do that to you, but on the other hand, I can now deadlift 125kg, more if I stopped attempting it bare-handed :joy:

TNP is willing to inconvenience their health for another gain.


Pain is weakness leaving the body. No pain, no gain.

TNP can do the proper “Hello, and welcome to Jazz Club” (Niiiice)



TNP celebrated Christmas today


Nope, it’s the 26th today.

TNP really likes the ‘‘Add Violence’’ EP.


Truish, 4/5 of the songs

TNP would like to go splode some fireworks but all their friends have plans already