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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I would have done but I never got round to buying any.

TNP is ready for a great 2018.


First 3 days sure have been ‘great’ personally and globally

TNP is ready for 2017 X2


Feel like it’ll happen but no I’m not really ready for it

TNP’s brain feels like stirfry


At the moment yes.

TNP drank a little too much last night


I wish I did so I could have a proper excuse for waking up at lunchtime

TNP wants to eat a pizza right now


I just did it. A leftover from yesterday’s dinner.

TNP has quite a bit of free time.


I wish.

TNP could do with a drink


actually. yeah. i could use a glass of water.

TNP is not under stress right now


Y e s.

TNP wants to go to EDC Las Vegas.

Here’s a picture if you don’t know what it is.



TNP wants a personal lasershow


yes, a US Navy Laser Weapon System aimed right at me :smile:

TNP beat the game


Um… I… don’t know?

TNP Thinks it would be cheesy to rip off your cars badging and replace it with your custom designed badges


Deffo. It’d probably make me look like an idiot too.

TNP is sleepy


True. Another day, another meager 4 hours of sleep.

TNP has a craving for something in particular


A friend

TNP knows what it’s like to be around other humans


True. I don’t like it and I want to be alone.

TNP is a cannibal.


Hmm… Wanna come over for dinner? :hocho::meat_on_bone::pie:

TNP is famished.


Just had dinner.

TNP has tasted rice.


Yes. I have tasted the glories of the rice.

TNP likes stir fries.


Ate one last night, not my favorite but pretty good stuff

TNP likes coffee