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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Sometimes, but tea is the only way frankly.

TNP has heard the news about Mark E. Smith



TNP’s has a Dream.


It’s ded tho

TNP is living the dream


Yes, a low tier nightmare.

TNP designed some car in Automation while being drunk.


Yep … called it Vodimobil… don´t blame me, everybody has those moments .-.

TNP want`s some free candy :upside_down_face:


Free candy, puppies, and Pokemon! Disco-Pope-free-candy-van-1-630x394

TNP is a playboy!


Ha I wish

TNP has nothing better to do atm



TNP will give me something to do


Go have a search up for “California Uber Alles”

TNP is going out tonight


I wish… no chance.

TNP can tell me how to people.


People-ing looks boring and I never learned-ed it.

TNP listens to the blues.


False, as a white man it’s my job to give other people the blues, not listen to them.

TNP wants to go skateboards.


False, can’t and no desire

TNP has biked over 100 miles in a day


which bike?

bicycle? no.
motorbike? yes. more than that.

TNP think that they will be submitting more than 2 cars into the official design competition


I’m one of the judges, so… no :joy:

TNP has shared a selfie with an anonymous person.


I mean, the Entire Discord at various points of time.

TNP is going to be watching the entire Daytona 24.


Certainly gonna be watching bits of it.

TNP is gonna be backing Jackie Chan DC racing in said event


I would if I could watch it :unamused:

TNP is bored out of their mind



TNP is oof


Yes Indeed.

TNP is sent to destroy humanity.