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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


No the opposite, I was actually supposed to bring balance to the world instead of leaving it in ruin.

TNP has the high ground





TNP likes this masterpiece of a song



TNP has had food poisoning.


False. I’ve never ha- The last time I feasted upon human flesh with Ba’al, I had explosive diarrhea. This happened thousands of years ago -d food poisoning.

TNP is a spawn of demons


Not quite but I do feed one every morning

TNP also lives with a demon


It lives inside me and wants more food.

TNP is empty inside.


TNP has the feelz.


…ehh, not really, not my kinda music.

TNP iS AnGeRy ThAt ThE GrAmMyS dIDn’T aWaRd ThE aLbUmS tHeY lIkEd!!!


False, I don’t care about such things, even miss much of the info about my favourite artists :smile:

TNP is hyped for something.


the sweet welcoming embrace of death

TNP would like to be by a warm fire right now


Yes please


TNP speaks 50 languages


Totally … not.
Not even close, but at least I can give you a preview on the famous southern german dialect called “schwäbisch”… which I guess counts as a own language

Dodal … nedd
Ned mol oi schdügg weid, abr wenigschdens kann i oi a Vorschau vom bekannde süddeidsche dialekd schwäbisch gäbe … was denk i mol als oigne schbrach zähld

TNP is addicted to anime (yep hentai counts to :upside_down_face: )


Anime, no, hentai, I don’t think so…

TNP is a hentai


I am Znopresk Zentai

TNP wants a Honda Beat



TNP must.


i mustn’t

TNP has Malaise fever for the car design comp


I don’t have a chance in hell, I’m not even going to try.

TNP believes everything on YouTube.


Not porn so false

TNP is ugly


The voices in my head are having an argument about the answer so you’ll just have to wait

TNP loves the i30 Fastback (and wishes they made an i30 N version of that as well)


Yes, and no. Hatchback is more than nut enough.

TNP is an anachronism