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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Very much so. More of an import from the middle ages, but maybe also a bit from future.

TNP nearly died because of someone’s (own?) stupidity.


I plead the 5th (Invoke the right to not incriminate myself for those outside the US)

TNP has already submitted at least one car to the official competition.


Not yet. Still thinking about it.

TNP wants to be with there doggos but can’t be


so true :sob:

tnp needs more puppers in their life


False, I like doggo but pupper too much energies

TNP has a lazy doggo



Tnp is gone


TNP knows everything comes in twenty sixes.



TNP has hitchhiked across the galaxy.


…to the restaurant at the end of the universe? Yes.

TNP had a nice lunch today



TNP prefer rotors to pistons.


Now this really depends on the machine and the situation here. What machine? What am I using it for and how long am I using it? How much of a cost difference is there between the two? In this machine is there even an option between the two?

But in ICEs ofc pistons, diesel rotaries are terrible

TNP will make the first computer controlled computer


False, Do you want to live through the rise of the machines? That was rhetorical because no one will!

TNP has driven an armored car.


If by armored you mean completely and utter exposed, then yes I’ve driven a bicycle.

TNP can walk the dog.


I can walk the dinosaur

TNP can open the door and get on the floor



TNP will always get on he ground for the LAPD



TNP secretly likes chick flicks.



TNP thinks miata is the answer to everything


False. The Answer is always Miata.

TNP is wrong.


This sentence is a lie.

TNP has ran over a traffic cone.


False…at least no yet

TNP just had a great cup of tea