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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Nope. Sorry men :frowning:

TNP have an affaire with a chair :joy:


uhhh no… i haven’t fucked it yet

TNP has a random boner rn


It’s not random if it’s constant

TNP has bought 5 tons of horse manure


Why buy it when you can just run into the truck and take it home with you?

TNP has driven a 46 Ford.


False. I’ve owned an 87 Ford and a 94 Ford and driven numerous others. But never a 46.

TNP received a speeding ticket (at any point since you got your driver’s license).


Never gotten a ticket, but a couple days ago I did get pulled over for the very first time.

TNP has done something incredibly stupid today.


Wake up? Yeah

TNP enjoys waking up


Only if it’s at a time I want to

TNP just loves sleeping in


Who doesn’t?

TNP bought something and then immediately regretted buying it


My first car.

TNP can’t believe it’s already February.


False, it feels like it’s been forever since December

TNP is a grill


nah, but I can make you think i am one :kissing_heart:

TNP will never forget


That image has been etched into my mind @strop thanks

TNP knows what Im talking about


oh you know it… for better or for worse… since i’m one of the mastermind

TNP is now curious


No, I’m a victim

TNP is thicc


I wish

TNP :sweat_drops:






TNP gets it!



TNP swol


I may not be swol, but I am smol.

TNP is also smol