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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Mos def. But, that’s not until June for me…

TNP has got Raw Power, and knows it’s got a son called Rock 'n Roll



TNP smells good


According to about three and a half of my friends I do. No clue how.

TNP is also half a person.


False, three fifths.

TNP is noncorporeal.


Ish. I’m a lanky mofo you see

TNP is also lanky


false. WAS lanky. have gained some mass :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP is obese


Nope but the way this period of my life is going I sure am on the road there

TNP wants a 90’s japanese 4wd coupe


True, although any car would do me just fine rn

TNP has driven a Soviet car


True, but lets keep it a secret that I was 14 … ooops!

TNP has driven a car illegaly around on public roads


False. Thought I did get to drive a Land Rover Discovery on this off road course for my birthday once, a long long time before I had a license.

TNP likes The Strokes


Nope. I don’t like to have a stroke, men!

TNP is more serious than Kimi Räikkönen.


Not right now I’m not

TNP takes a sick day as soon as they feel a sniffle coming.


False, I won’t unless I physically can’t move

TNP is a sicc boi


False, I’m the healthiest boi you’ll ever meet.

TNP is a ship. :passenger_ship:


Yes. I am boat. I am ship.

TNP can’t stand those Facebook videos with silly ukulele music playing in the background


I have not properly used facebook in months. I do not understand.

TNP is a weak Remix.


Sometimes feel like a weak remix of myself.

TNP has recently been in a situation that made them aware of their lack of situational awareness.



TNP craves orange juice.


I do indeed. It’s a damn fine juice.

TNP is a DUNN Pyshco Killer DAANNNN Que’est ce c’est!


fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa

TNP will Run run run run run run a way.