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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


…Yes. Yes I will.

TNP will be TNP.


No. I’ll break the laws of physics for it to not be true.

TNP will not break the laws of physics.



TNP is a mortal



TNP :weary:



TNP, who are you?


I am death.

TNP is going to commit homicide.


Nah I guess, at least until I don’t have teen children, which is a loooong, long time away.

TNP is thinn.


Yes. LankyBoy over here.

TNP is also part of the lanky squad ™


No I am smol.

TNP spends too much time procrastinating


You don’t even need me to answer that.

TNP uses a lot of sticky notes


False, all such stuff is on my phone.

TNP agrees that parrots are crazy/stupid and awesome.



TNP would live with a parrot


False, I already do.

TNP can weld.


I’ve welded one thing and I made a horrible job so… False, I guess.

TNP can.



TNP is out of shape


fak tell me about it



Hey! that’s rude! True, but rude.

TNP smokes crack


False, Peyote or nothing! (Or in my case it is actually nothing.)

TNP is distracted.


nothing to distract me anymore, I’m done with my exams and I’m fucking three sheets to the wind :beers:

TNP regrets their last hangover


I regret every single one.

TNP has played Kahoot