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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Doggo gone to bed. I’d also rather do the pet of the catto.

TNP will tell me something cool


You can see the moon from the Great Wall of China

TNP is lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vel vel metus erat convallis auctor posuere, nibh adipiscing magna, tellus nunc convallis in tempor euismod, eu ut orci imperdiet lectus sed. Vel vehicula eu adipiscing metus sollicitudin, mollis blandit ea molestie pellentesque fermentum, facilisis ut ut aliquam semper.

TNP cant stand xD


True. Me hates jokes.
(We can’t just let this grind to a halt!)

TNP is a joker


Joke’s on you, I’m not.

TNP will post a really hard calculation and solve it step by step.


(d/dx)(will to live) = 0

TNP agrees that we should never have upgraded from solid axles


I’m in a solid state of mind about this

TNP is a cyborg


I wish.

TNP is in Uni for something.



TNP wants a Volvo 240.


It is equipped with both an inside, and an outside!

TNP gets that reference.


False, sadly I don’t. Though if you’re willing to explain said reference, I’ m all ears.

TNP is travelling somewhere today.


True. Shopping day.

TNP thinks this is a dream.


Sure hope to finally wake up

TNP lives their dream


my dream is to die so no

TNP lives on the edge


…of sanity since my birth. It’s fun, usually.

TNP is into martial arts.


I do Kung Fu, but I’m USELESS at it ^^

TNP is really good at some sport


True. On basketball and karting.

TNP hates himself


false. i’m past that stage (thankfully)

TNP hates most of the upcoming toyota car’s styling less


At first I was like ewwwww. Now I think, well, it’s brave and somebody has to be brave. I can live with it.

TNP does unpaid work.


Helping a friend with moving.

TNP is lazy