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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Corvette’s are the crispiest, but Chickenbiscuit’s have an unique flavor to them

TNP is really looking forward to this year’s Le Mans 24


Yes! Of course!

I Hope for a Toyota victory, with Alonso, Buemi and Nakajima.

TNP is waiting for the 2019 Indy 500


False, i am not very interested in indycar
TNP has multiple pairs of yeezys


Fuck nah. Vans are my life.

TNP is also a cheapskate


Tralse. I’ll easily spend 25€ on a small meal but 5€ for headphones is like eeeehhhhh but it’s moneeeyyyy

TNP gets their paycheck (or welfare), celebrates getting it, then realizes they’re almost broke and has to eat canned beans and cheap toast for the rest of the month


False, I hardly treat myself to anything so I can let the money build up, at least should something happen (ie: to my car) I’ve got the money to pay for it.

TNP is also frugal.


I do my best to be, but it doesn’t always work out…

TNP is on a minimum wage job


Unemployed, so even lower :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP watches Chain Bear F1 on YouTube



TNP watch Mighty Car Mods on YT.


Every episode!

TNP drives a Honda.


Toyota Altezza, so not a Honda.

TNP got into The Crew 2 Closed Beta


False, I can’t get it because my parents won’t allow me to have a console and I live far away from the America, Southeast Asia…
TNP watches Roadkill


False, I’ve never heard of the show

TNP thinks The Bends is the best album by Radiohead


I dont want the Bends XD Men

jk I actually havent listened to it so I cant really say.

TNP has hayfever


TNP build car in automation with economy better than 3,0l/100km without using quality sliders.


Nope because I suck.

TNP can fly from one side of the map to the other


Sadly Im not superman

TNP is cant think of what the next TNP should do



TNP should provide me a very cold drink. For what sins did I get this hell in life… (30° C!)


Liquid nitrogen!

TNP wants to drive a baguette sportiv



TNP has driven something with 500 or more horsepower.