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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, I’ve got a couple packets of sausage and some wood to fry them on so I will survive without shopping… :wink:

TNP does know which holiday I will be celebrating tomorrow


I’m going to hazard a guess at true, and say National Day in Sweden…?

TNP lives in an apartment/flat.

Edit: hah, I got it. I found a website that lists holidays around the world.


National day, yes.

And false, I own the yellow cardboard box I live in (some people are calling it a house though, talk about optimism!)

TNP has one or more cats


True, six at the moment. Thankfully the house is big enough for them to spread out.

TNP is not going to be TNP.


True, technically i was tnp but now i am tcp, and tnp will be anyone else than me.

TNP is norwegian


False, I am not Norwegian, but I like me some norwegian music :metal:

TNP feels they in over their head.


Yes, my job is, like many, an exercise in constantly feeling like you’re in over your head. I just sat a practice viva in which I was in over my head, and I’m about to go to another practice viva in which I am definitely going to be in over my head and my bosses are definitely going to inform me in no uncertain terms just how badly I am drowning in shit :joy:

FRACP life, yo

TNP understands the true nature of adulthood.


True. Kids want to be grown ups so they can do whatever they want. Grown ups realize they cannot do anything they want.

TNP regrets not cherishing being a child when they had the chance.


True :cry: then again I understand tiny me was going through a hard time but he didn’t know better.

TNP suddenly loses strength/feels unconfortable when people talk to them/overhears about anatomy :confounded:


False, I feel empowered and will take the conversation too far. Especially if they’re talking about dicks. I love talking about dicks.

TNP will ignore what I just said


No. I need more details about Dick Dickingson, and balls.

TNP wants to restore a 70s car.



TNP is buying The Crew 2


False: I’m not into console games as much anymore. And even if I was, I would prefer a racing sim. The Crew 2 looks like fun, and the graphics are amazing - it’s just not my kind of game. If you are buying it - enjoy! Post a review too, I’m curious about the game. From the trailer it looks like a modern version of Project Gotham Racing 4.

TNP plays nothing but Automation :joy:

Reason for editing

(that moment when you realize the game you’re commenting on is also available on PC.)


Close but not quite. I dabble in other small games here and there, most recently I finished Hyper Light Drifter. Before that I played through This Is The Police. And there’s always Assetto Corsa, and thanks to the power of emulators there’s always other older titles… But only when there’s time which I have not much of.

And I had a challenge which I really need to finish writing up.

TNP is horribly behind schedule.


Procrastination is my middle name, my dude

TNP believes that WiFi will give you cancer


False, I believe it’s a cure!
TNP has a cool car…


Well, my Honda is cool to me, dunno what everyone else thinks tho :wink:

TNP likes vintage/second hand stores, especially for clothes


True but not for clothes, I buy shit I don’t need like a PS/2 laser mouse or a bunch of fans

TNP thinks fans are cool


True, fans are cool.

TNP thinks air conditioning is even cooler!


TNP hates German cars but loves Muscle Cars.