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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Tralse, I don’t hate German cars, but I’m largely indifferent to them. Do love muscle cars though.

TNP is fond of a car brand even though they don’t actually own one.


True, there is some but Jaguar is the first one I come to think about.



False. Don’t even drink coffee.

TNP has a fish with a possible score from -2 to +2, but no 0


…I have no idea what you mean but would like to know more please.

TNP can tell me how to get blue tac stains off of cheap paint on my bedroom walls :confused:


False, I have no idea how to do it…
TNP’s dream car is Japanese.


Dream car build has a Japanese heart, and my reasonable dream car is Japanese. Unreasonable dream car is Swedish.

TNP has a dream car build in mind.


True. A Saab 900 Turbo with enough booscht to fill outer space with air. And wheelspin. Lots and lots of tasty FWD wheelspin.

TNP is craving for some blueberries rn


I’m craving for a Volvo right now.

TNP still struggles to eat his veggies


False, I actually enjoy eating both green beans and brocoli.

TNP sunburns easily.


False, though recently I didn’t put any sun cream on and paid the price after being out for about 6 hours in 28 degree heat…

TNP fucking loves hot weather


head pokes out of the pool of my own sweat “WHAT?”

TNP managed to tan while welding with short sleeves


False, I always wear a welding jacket. Even then I have a couple scars from burns.

TNP has had a spark from welding land inside his/her boot.


False, ain’t never done no welding…yet

TNP has had to move furniture with their car


True, and I’m guessing you don’t mean by pickup either because I have moved much furniture with those

I have sunburnt my arms because I didn’t put the jacket on when welding, not sure about the slag in my boot.

TNP has crashed a car


Tralse, someone else crashed into the rear of my car.

TNP is interested in offroading


False, I’ve never owned an off-road type vehicle, but I can see the appeal. I like the “idea” of having a zombie apocalypse-mobile, I’ve just never been interested in going off-roading. Plus, I just bought a complete set of Firestone Firehawk Indy 500s for the “me too” car… that pretty much says it all, I think. :joy:

TNP is interested in drag racing, autocross, and/or drifting.


False , i am only interested in racing on circuits.
TNP read car newspaper


Not anymore. Mainstream stuff is going down the drain it seems, magazines or TV shows. :confused:

TNP is tired of everything being a crossover


preach it, sister.

TNP has been watching Roland Garros


Who is Roland?
TNP is excited that Forza Horizon 4 is in the UK.