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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


“the diesel fuel”

the diesel fuel

t h e d i e s e l f u e l

TNP likes jam on toast


Eww fruit.

TNP doesn’t actually like peanut butter all that much, bonus points if TNP is American


No bonus points for me, peanut butter is life and I’m not American.

Just as well because peanut butter has to be my gf’s favourite spread of all time, perhaps topped only by nori butter

TNP’s brain is completely and utterly fried


True. After I had fried it I put it in the oven, turned the heat to 200 and let it sit there for about 2 hours. Now I’m eating it with some potatoes and butter, yum.

The more TNP drinks, the more sober they’ll become.


No. I don’t tolerate the alcohol very well.

TNP bought BeamNG only foto the Automation exporter.


Nope, had it for a while.

TNP will drive the shit out of their cars with a racing wheel setup


False, for I do not possess a racing wheel :’(
I will still be driving the shit out of my cars though, don’t you worry.

TNP dogs > cats


Cats > Dogs.

Less Maintenance, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP has both a Cat and a Dog


Nope only cats for me.

TNP has a holiday planned this year.


Of course! Like every year, camping on Costa Brava.

TNP thinks that Paul Ricard is boring.


Call me a heretic, but I don’t even know the circuit.

TNP knows a bunch of obscure racing circuits


Um… Nearest circuit to me is Laguna Seca, which isn’t exactly obscure, so False.

TNP has gone to a track day.


Nope, but yes the next month, to Montmelo, as a mechanic with my institute, for the 24H of Montmeló, with bikes.

TNP wants to sleep now


Too fucking right, but not before I’ve bumped this thread.

TNP is going to enter some cars into @Kubboz’s Forum’s Favourite Car tourney
the more the merrier!


True, at least I plan to.

TNP is expecting to get eliminated quickly.


Probably, the 190 better make it farther then the M3 though or I’m gonna be dissapointed with this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP thinks they can guess that car that’ll win


False, but I swear to god if it’s the R34 or a muscle car I will riot.

TNP likes salmon


I love them so much. Probably my favorite fish.
TNP likes sushi…


I adore sushi.

TNP, how are you feeling today?


Fine thanks, how about you?

TNP hates RP challenges!