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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I’m French. It’s in my genes.

TNP breathe, therefore TNP a thot.


No u

TNP is also currently on a trip somewhere


Trip to my bedroom.

TNP wants to travel to Spain


True, I’d love to do that so I can finally justify 6 years of Spanish Class.

TNP loves flying places.


I love it, travel in general, sadly money is a thing that is

TNP’s car uses juuust a little bit more petrol/diesel (as if anyone here drives a diesel) than they’d like


True. 9L/100km on a NA 1.6 on my Toyota Verso. But at least I have 130hp… 1ZR-FAE engine.

TNP is my amigo


Yes. I am actually Quavo from Migos. No jokes.

TNP drinketh the Bepis


True. Actually people give Pepsi too much flack (although in the land of high fructose corn syrup the situation may be different) Pepsi tastes different to Coke and they’re two different things as they should however while Coke is refreshing and amazing ice cold at any other temperature it is disgusting while Pepsi and Pepsi Max are okay less cold, and Pepsi Max actually tastes like Pepsi while Coke Zero tastes like dirty tapwater sweetened with aspartame. Ramble over

TNP has a house full of mosquitoes


Not yet, mostly spiders and the occasional scorpion for us (they’re not just desert creatures!)

TNP has no tolerance for carbonation


False. Gimme that fizz bay beee

TNP Would buy a sporty edition of a van (Tourneo RS, Expert GTi, etc) if they made one


Real or fake? Because I would love to get my hands on a 1989-90 Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager. Particularly the rarest variant that featured a 2.5 turbo and a five speed. Can you say 12 second car on the cheap?

TNP is intrigued by cars that others wouldn’t give a second look.


I think so? Especially old shitboxes. Though in saying that, there are some on here who are far more passionate than I am for this kinda stuff.

TNP loves pitta bread


Yeah. I love it.
TNP wants to host a CSR round.


Hm. Actually no not right now I don’t. If there’s something else I would want to run it would be working out a way to properly utilise the beam exporter. It’ll require a lot of video editing.

TNP sleeps guilt free


I haven’t done anything to make me feel guilty soooooo

TNP has been stuck in a bus/train station or airport for a few hours before


Yeah been there. That’s some seriously unbearable shit.

TNP loves sunglasses perhaps too much


True. Because if I do not have them while driving, the sun will move to about three inches from the windshield and stay there all day.

TNP has fixed a warning light on the dash without the use of a scan tool.


True, I guess? The airbag warning light just kind of went away after driving just a bit longer.

TNP has seen events in the sky they don’t know the explanation for (just saw some static flickering explosion thingy, guessing a meteor)


I killed this thread so might as well try to revive it

TNP tediously makes full configurations for new cars they really can’t afford and will never buy


True, especially when I was like 8. It was like diet NFS to me back then :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP eats thunder and shits lightning