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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Er…I don’t think y’all would be interested in my bowel movements

TNP is a sucker for T-Shirt + Jeans comob



TNP has played the Battlefield V Beta


Nope cause laptop and pc is too potato.
TNP hates W engines (W12 , W16 something like that)


False. Since they have been and always shall be outside my price range, I haven’t had any close encounters to have an opinion good or bad on them.

TNP has burned something this week.


Yes. My clutch. Or rather something was spelling a bit iffy after I down shifted too hard and tried to get into first whilst doing 30…

TNP loves driving late at night


True and False. Depends where. Some places where i live are not fun to drive at night.

TNP owns a copy of the Original Star Wars Battlefront 2


False. Old games I own are few in number and pretty random.

TNP likes seeing ancient internet places (if so I recommend the website of one of the biggest companies in the world - Berkshire Hathaway).


TRUE. Love stumbling onto old websites that haven’t been updated since brb was a thing.

TNP was an MSN Messenger user.


Yes indeed I was

TNP’s first car is still on the road


False T_T
TNP has owned more than 5 cars



TNP can touch their elbow with their tongue


False i’ve tried many times.

TNP has a hairstyle.


Sure, if you consider “permanently morning hair” to be a style :joy:

TNP spends more time on the hair below the neckline than above.


TNP still has all of his hair T_T


Noooo :disappointed_relieved: I’m losing it!

TNP wants to be bald.


Absolutley not. I need my hair. I love my hair.

TNP agrees that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong.


False. I don’t give a crap how I look because only what’s inside matters

Wholesome moment.

TNP has the power of anime on their side


TNP hates F1


Definitely don’t hate it, but I’m not really interested in it at the moment.
TNP misses this thread.


TNP hates korean cars