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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Er…I don’t think y’all would be interested in my bowel movements

TNP is a sucker for T-Shirt + Jeans comob



TNP has played the Battlefield V Beta


Nope cause laptop and pc is too potato.
TNP hates W engines (W12 , W16 something like that)


False. Since they have been and always shall be outside my price range, I haven’t had any close encounters to have an opinion good or bad on them.

TNP has burned something this week.


Yes. My clutch. Or rather something was spelling a bit iffy after I down shifted too hard and tried to get into first whilst doing 30…

TNP loves driving late at night


True and False. Depends where. Some places where i live are not fun to drive at night.

TNP owns a copy of the Original Star Wars Battlefront 2