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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Indeed. Sitting in it right now in a 2012 Impala. Blizzarding in SE Michigan.

TNP likes cold.


hell naw, that’s why I’m going to hibernate Wednesday. -1 forecast in CT with heavy winds and snow the night before.

TNP doesn’t like heat


Not a fan, no. Even though I live in an area which will regularly see 43°C (110°F) in the summer…

TNP lives in North America.



TNP wants Doom Eternal more than Metro Exodus.


Fuck Bethesda, and Fuck Deep Silver,

TNP agrees


(Doom is made by ID Software and published by Bethesda. The Metro series is developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver.)
I agree.

TNP eats hash browns just now.


Wish I did.

TNP is currently doing a “project car”.


ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have project motorbike… does that count?

TNP wish he/she has a project/hobby vehicle


True, an UAZ-469 or a big ol’ 'murican landyacht would be nice. I’m kinda dailying one rn as well but you can never have enough cars right? :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP had a hangover last weekend


True. 4 day bender, thursday to sunday morning. Hangover is an understatement.

TNP is looking for new music from 2019


Thinking about it yes. I’ll see what comes my way.

TNP wants a pet.


I’d love one, but my mother, who rules this household, hates pets.

TNP has a dog.


Yeah. He’s a big fat thing.

TNP has a cat



TNP loves it when companies don’t stop using the same car with facelifts for 20+ years


Tralse. Some are great (Lada Riva, Lada Niva), some are just okay, some are meh, some are really bad.

TNP is waiting for the next MWC to see how great are those new phones will do.


Tralse. Used to be all over that sh*t but have lost interest in the phone market.

TNP just cares that their phone has a good camera.


Tralse, good screen, good sound and excellent battery life is more of my concerns of having a phone. Although a good camera is fine for me.

TNP is celebrating Chinese New Year.


TNP played Gran Turismo 4.


Nope. Forza 4.

TNP is having very many problems with Automation starting up.


Pretty much

TNP exists