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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Yes. Enjoyed every second of it.

TNP is hyped for Halo Infinite.

(Side note to previous post, not all tabletop RPGs are fantasy based. Some can be modern/sci-fi.)


Doom Eternal > Halo Infinite.

TNP just ate lunch.



TNP likes food more than normal


Fucking yes.

TNP needs to lose weight too ._.


I’m actually quite good at weight control, especially following the 16:8 fasting rule. It’s strange (and first world) to say but in places of caloric excess hunger is actually integral to one’s health.

That said my “working” weight is about 3 kilo higher than my “fighting” weight.

TNP can take a few hits


I mean I’m 6’0 and 175 lbs but I’m not that strong. I bike, lotta my strength is leg based haha.

TNP can explain this 16:8 fasting rule for me, I’m intrigued!


Sure. Basically eat all your meals (and generally whatever whenever you want within reason) in an 8 hour window and don’t eat for 16 hours at least a couple days a week. For me this means I eat breakfast, lunch and an early dinner (which is small) and that’s it. On weekends I tend to skip a meal, sometimes if I’m doing sweet FA I’ll only eat one meal a day.

The idea is that your body needs starvation mode to maintain a good insulin/growth hormone etc. cycle. It’s been actually proven in longitudinal study to increase general longetivity as well as reduce general cancer risk (would have to go back to look for the right papers so take my word for it haha).

TNP has broken stuff by headbutting it


Headbutted desk, put hole in desk

TNP has played or plays American football


Nah, but I played British football before.

TNP currently uses a Logitech gaming mouse.


Using some Zalman mouse a friend gave me as a present a few years back. Will probably replace with a Logitech or similar eventually

TNP is a happy person


Planning a three weeks east coast road trip with friends from all around the world this summer, couldn’t be happier.

TNP eats clouds and poops rainbows


False, I eat steel and shit chains

TNP will help me live


I’m here for you.

TNP is having Pancake Day


I wish.

TNP wants faster, cheaper internet services because he’s currently using some shit ISP that gives shitty speeds for high prices.


False, 100mbps (tested 90mbps at worst) for 10€/month. (On cable naturally)

TNP Has some form of communication issues


I used to be very self concious which did not help.

TNP is listening to The Prodigy cause of Keith Flint’s passing :’(


True just listened to Hot Ride in fact!

Tnp walks a lot.



TNP have paid more than $1000 on items before.


My PC comes to mind

TNP has no idea


Not a clue.

TNP has a project idea.