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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Yeah. I have a long-term project in mind. I want to buy a Z31, and make a custom body kit and engine build.

TNP likes the idea


Sure, the Z31 is purty.

TNP has been a mod/admin/owner for a discord before



tnp needs to fix their sleep pattern because they just fucked it up


yes, i’m still up and its 3 AM or 2 AM depending on which device i check
TNP has food in their mind


I want sushi.

Tnp has a happy stable relationship :))))))


six years as of 3 days ago, looking for a jeweller to get the ring done this year. Life may get a bit in the way if she lands her dream job as that’ll involve moving interstate for a year and I’m locked into my current location with little flexibility, but that’s not a big deal.

TNP has done long distance relationships before.


That’s awesome man!! Happy for you! Hopefully I can manage the same thing!

Technically no, because it wasn’t by any means a real relationship. However, I now know long distance is hard.

(sorry for going twice in a row)

TNP wants to get married eventually!


Too early to say this since I haven’t even got a significant other yet…

TNP thinks that Titanfall 2 is a great game.


Not my style, but lots of people like it.

TNP quite enjoys pizza.


I live for this shit man

TNP has his financial plan figured out for the next 5 years at least


Nope, living the broke jobless high schooler life

TNP has been badly sunburnt recently


I’m the other way round. I haven’t get enough sun for days.

TNP knows at least one programming language.


I can use C++ (or whatever is in BeamNG) to make engines and transmissions but that’s about it haha.

TNP has an automatic transmission with a manual mode in their car.

(I ask because mine does, and being a Chrysler, it will actually go into what gear I want it to. I can start accelerating in 5th gear. I kid you not! Did a 0-60 today starting in second gear, felt VERY strong.)


I can report that the 2001 Nissan Altima GXE does not have a manual mode with its automatic, it does have the standard drive,1st and 2nd gear, and then the overdrive button
TNP has plans to continue their studies


Currently studying Computer Science in a university, but has no plans after graduation.

TNP loves pineapple on pizza.


It’s not that bad when you think about it. Pineapple needs to be well cooked tho otherwise it becomes too juicy. Also, the segments need to be small and fairly thin. I understand the hatred, but the taste is also very nice.

TNP loves Marmite and/or Vegimite


Sometimes Marmite is exactly what you need.

TNP will be enjoying the sun soon.


That’ll vanish soon. Woo Winter is Coming!

TNP is attempting to follow a unique career path


Is radio production* somewhat unique?

*implying I do actually get into such a job

TNP is enjoying the warm weather in Europe


False. It was just 9°C and raining yesterday in southeast Spain.

TNP has a habit of sleeping too much on Sundays