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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Hell yeah, stocking up stuff for a trip soon!

TNP has had a good year so far


I indeed have. Not to get too sappy or personal (or to brag I’m sorry), but I’ve started dating who I hope to make my wife someday about six and a half months ago, and my schoolwork is going pretty well.

This could also explain why my car designs have been lacking.

TNP has had a relatively similar experience, hopefully!


Nah, It’s the other way around for me. I was scammed by some (legit) company and lost like several dollars, kicked out by my favorite group in Discord due to me being a dick (not the Automation Discord, TBH), got denied by my crush (although I’m finding another one) and nearly failed my courses. Guess luck wasn’t on my side, anyway.

(also the major reason why the fuck I haven’t really doing some new car designs lol)

TNP wants to have a rap battle against some rapper (not me)


Nah I’m not a rap fan.
(Sorry for double post, but damn I’m sorry man, I shouldn’t have posted something like that anyways, live and learn…)

TNP’s affordable dream car is not legal to import for another 20 years.


MK5 Golf GTis and Mazda 3s are readily available in my country.

TNP actually dislikes the Automation Discord due to it being too restrictive. (literally the major reason why I left, the other one is because I got burned out from this game)


Don’t really get what you mean by “restrictive” either…

TNP has Google’d himself at least once.


I did the same shit for like, 5 times.

TNP has been hospitalised for at least once.


true, when I was a little boy

TNP will check out my stream on twitch
over here


bruh why you self-promote yourself

TNP will post a download link to a random software.



TNP has a great understanding of squirrels.


It’s either I know nothing or not even try to give a damn. (So obviously a no for me)

TNP is binge watching a series at the moment.


I neither have Netflix nor a useable TV…

TNP has subbed to BaE on YouTube.


TIL BaE has a YT channel.

TNP had a crush with some girl/guy online. Maybe the person is on this forums. Or not.

I actually have one, but I won’t tell you.


Of course, I love you all :wink:

Wholesome moment.

Ok wholesome moment over TNP has tried to wheelie a cruise ship


No but its on the bucket list.

TNP is having an existential crisis


Nah, I know my purpose in life already.

TNP agrees that gamers are oppressed


I’d say no, but I’d be interested in how we are.

TNP needs to stop saying thinks ironically that leads to you saying it seriously.


Never say ‘thinks’ ironically.

TNP has tried to drift a plane


In Microsoft flight sim of course lol. Only time i managed something close was in a small stunt plane with cheaty amounts of thrust so i could hang it below stall speed and blast on out nearly at will.

TNP has fallen or jumped down more than 3m.


This is true. The local park has some interesting design. Lots of fun!

TNP gets great enjoyment out of hide and seek, even still today