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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I still love hide and seek. For some reason.
overused dad is pro on playing hide and seek and became lost for x years joke incoming

TNP will spoil the ending of his fav movie/TV show/anime.


Paul Walker died before Fast and Furious 7 ripperoni

TNP still plays Pokemon Go!



TNP is sick of something or someone.


sick of shitty politicians running the country, at least in mine I guess.

TNP probably hates their local government.


True. The government here is full of corrupt people.

TNP hates the AE86


Not necessarily hate it, but there are better cars put there when considering the Initial D timeframe. looks at Suzuki Cappuchino and R32

TNP has a computer theoretically incapable of running automation, yet still plays it.


Nope, have a gaming laptop that can run the game easily.

TNP is planning to buy a new car.


Not new new, but maybe a new-to-me used car. I’d definitely like something different to drive at this point, something my own. Gotta get a job first.

TNP has a hankering for some V8 car to own.


naaaah. I’m actually quite okay with i4s. In fact I probably would aim to own only one more ICE vehicle before switching to an alternative energy source.

TNP is environmentally-minded.


True, but I need to be more so in practice.

TNP’s favourite colour is a primary colour.


I don’t really have a favourite color since I much rather have a good color on a good situation.

TNP has seen an live stream (anything you like) on this year’s E3.


Yep. And Electroic Ass proves it’s name again.

TNP primarily plays on console-based systems (wether Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft does not matter)


I did play on PS2/X360…until like 2016 - 2017. Now I’m predominantly a PC gamer.

TNP has a whole lot of work to do.


Nah I’m free from school work until July

TNP lives in a dormitory


False, but probably in a couple years.

TNP likes this. (for necessity of opinions)


yes but it’s slightly too flat looking.

TNP is waiting.


Waiting for 3 things ATM:

  1. Ending this semester of my university.
  2. Doom Eternal.
  3. Lunch.

TNP has did some parkour before.


Nope, don’t plan to either. I’d like to keep my body in one piece.

TNP plays Brawlhalla.


No, and I’ve never heard of said game. I shall have to do some investigation

TNP plays Automation on a laptop


I have played Automation in a laptop once. While it is cool to bring your cars around, its kinda hard to work around, so no thanks.

TNP (has played/ wants to play) Automation with a trackpad.