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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True. I do people’s shopping for them in a Supermarket.

TNP buys a lot of stuff online


Rarely do due to a lack of funds…


how tf does that work?

TNP has a gaming rig which was worth more than 1000€/ 1123,75$/ 892,64 Pounds at the time of purchase


True. At the time of purchase, my rig (excluding monitor and other peripherals) was worth more than 60k (in Philippine peso), then in 2018, I bought a 144hz curved monitor for 27k PHP alone.

ALL that and I am still running on a small 120gb HDD and 1 TB portable hard drive.

TNP has pre-ordered something that made them disappointed upon release date.

(edit: note, wished my country gave a sh*t for sex ed in school)


True I pre-ordered Overgrowth for thirty bucks. After waiting longer than it took for Duke Nukem Forever to come out and it ending up even less developed at release, I’ve never preordered anything since. Also all hail the Steam sales lol.

TNP only buys things for a discount.


True with expensive things. My best work was waiting for GTA V to go on sale, and then buy a bundle of the game plus $8,000,000 (a $120 value) for the price of just the regular game.

TNP likes GTA V.


Never played it.

Which I probably would at some point but I just never get around to the vast majority of titles.

In fact I can’t remember a time when I paid more than 20 bucks for any game. Even AC Origins (which I still haven’t even installed), I got for 20 bucks on a sale.

TNP owns virtual currency.


Wallet is basically empty, save for a measly few credits. Matches rather poetically with my moral bankruptcy.

TNP frequents dated Mock the Week repeats in search of happier times when the show was actually entertaining.


til mock the week is a thing

TNP is addicted to something that isn’t anything bad/illegal.


Addicted to my significant other. I can hardly go a week without her, I die. It seems gross and cliché until it happens to you. Then you understand.

TNP unfortunately struggles with mental health issues, or has a close friend or family that does.


Seriously, I am suffering from mental issues. It’s something that I’m probably better talking about it in PM or any other messaging app.

TNP will tell everyone that who’s the oldest political leader in the world. (no cheats please)


Moon watcher from 2001, a Space Odyssey

TNP has played automation for over 500 hours


My Steam count is at 2681, and before Steam there was the Kee engine and I probably had at least 1000 in there too.

With the exception of Beam and a small handful of others let’s just say very few other games even break the 10 hour mark.

TNP wears some kind of underwear other than boxers of briefs or boxer-briefs


Wish I had the confidence for that.

TNP is unique in many ways


The other way round. I’m more of an ordinary person, although with some difference.

TNP is bored of something.


Admittedly, I’m kinda bored of our 2010 Town & Country. I love it so much and the 4.0L V6 is phenomenal, but I could do without the rust forming and the herky jerky transmission at points. I’m gonna miss it, it’s getting sold soon.

TNP has over 200k miles on their car.


false. don’t have a car. do have a small bike with more than 140K km on it though

TNP rides motorbikes


Never touched a motor-bike - probably for the better

TNP has ridden in a supercar


No, despite being a car lover, I’ve never actually driven in any car that wasn’t your standard European 2 litre or smaller diesel or petrol sedan, hatch or light SUV…

TNP has figured out how to mod light fixtures in BeamNG on BeamNG cars.


Nope, don’t even have Beam my dude

TNPs favorite music genre is EDM


There’s many genres in EDM, but as an overall, yes.

TNP likes classical music