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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Please go away with that stuff…

TNP has had a surge of hearing Avicii (Tim Bergling) titles once he passed away.


Instead of Avicii (honestly I quite loved his stuff) recently I’m too addicted to Hospital Records DnB so I wouldn’t have time to do so. Perhaps some day.

TNP have made a delicate troll posts on some place on the net before.


Actually I haven’t, since I respect the amount of effort put into the stuff that could be normally “trolled” - especially if the stuff in question has been made by good people with good intentions.

TNP is running out of music to listen to.


Nope, just discovered Belle and Sebastian!

TNP likes Pink Floyd.


PINK? yes
Pink Floyd? never heard of their songs yet

TNP is not wearing pants at the time of replying this post


To put it simply, I’m not wearing pants at this moment

I am, however, wearing a pair of rather uncomfortable school shorts which are annoying the hell out of me.

TNP has an itch on the back of their head after reading this


True, oooh creepy.

TNP secretly loves neon light mods for cars.


under-glow is soo cool

TNP paints all their cars one single color in video games


Depending on the game I sometimes make a single livery and go with that. But not always.

TNP has a colour coded wardrobe


Blue, grey, white for shirts, and blue and black (or very dark grey) for suits and pants.

TNP is currently hangry


nope, currently eating an apple at the moment…

TNP is currently doing something questionably weird


Naah, eating snacks and watching twitch.

TNP listens to Nickelback


I have limited time and that limited time is better spent listening to something good.

TNP has had an office printer jam so much they know how to strip it down and reassemble it without a manual.


Had my first jam the other day; and after wrestling out the 20 sheets of paper it decided to take all at once from the loading tray, it made the most horrific sound - like when you fuck up a gear-change, but 20 times louder, and it was constant until I ripped the power out of the wall.

Anyway, I opened it up and removed a crumpled sheet of paper that got caught in the ink think and it’s fine now.

TNP has fractured their arm



TNP has gotten an electrical shock in some way (not just a static electricity shock)


Yeah. The hardest one it was with a ignition coil.

TNP loves summer


Fuck no, not where I live at least. Temperatures reach up to 40 degrees and just stays there forever. And I sweat a lot too. Not the season for me.

TNP prefers big engines in small cars


Nah… Not really

i don’t have a licence (yet), but i generally am more of a “what it has shall suffice” kinda guy.

TNP’s dream car is older than 25 years


Close, but nope… Nissan Skyline GTR R34, not 25 years old yet…

TNP likes to drink


I love drinking fruit juice, especially fresh orange juice

TNP loves apples