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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Yes, I very much like them.

TNP has 100% in Gran Turismo 4


Wish I did, but unfortunately no. (Gran Turismo 4 was a great game)

TNP has driven a car over 200km/h (looking at you people near the autobahn…)


False. I will say that on an empty road in mexico I hit a little over 150 kph (95 mph about) in a car I do not own. It was fun but dangerous, and I would hesitate to do it again.

TNP drives with my philosophy: drive smart, never put yourself or others in danger. But if all is well, and you’ve got an empty road in front of you, squealing the tires is fun.



TNP had driven a car with more than eight cylinders


Yeah. A CL600 and a W140 600 SEL. Amazing power delivery and smoothness.

TNP had driven a rotary


Apparently, a 13B powered Mazda Rotary Pickup. Belongs to a distant uncle who brought it here in the late 70s from Japan. The truck is pretty much scrap now, and probably can be brought back alive, but he lives in the countryside.

TNP hates flappy paddle shifters


False? I guess…

TNP has a CVT gearbox with simulated gears


My dad does or in some form with the Toyota Multidrive S CVT.

TNP has a piercing.


Okay first of all:

Two of my absolute favorite cars to come from Europeland, my jealousy is immeasurable

And finally: no, I don’t have a piercing.

TNP thinks Belle Delphine is a monstrosity.


I think we a l l k n o w what WE are going to answer on that (false if anyone doesnt understand)

TNP is/was guilty of liking Belle Delphine.


False. I have zero interest beyond purely incidentally hearing about her, because I’m not hooked on gamer culture and I don’t have time for that.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game though. I will admit I found the “Gamer Girl Bath Water Juice” antics and her previous sucker-punch and bait-and-switch tactics amusing not because it was her, and not because she did them, but because it was the most stark illustration of how a fool and his money are soon parted. Multiple times. Ethically I’m sure she violated a lot of principles and used social media in ways less than proper, but if you ever gave her money, it’s you who is the sucker and nobody else.

Gamer Girl Juice smh how fucking desperate can you get these days

TNP uses less than 10% of their total income on recreational/discretionary spending.


This is kinda both true and false for me. I spend my money fairly generously when my income is looking good (I don’t waste it, still). When I start getting less projects, thus less payment, I enter frugal mode and do not spend one more penny unless it’s absolutely necessary.

TNP has a secret ambition of starting a Twitch Streaming career.


False. My brother is a career Twitch streamer and he’s big enough to make a living off it (as a musician, not a gamer even), so I know exactly what goes into it and all of it is really not my jam.

So I am quite content to do some of his branding and make the very occasional guest appearance

TNP has a secret ambition of hosting a regular podcast/serial webcomic/blog etc.


Correct, although job related. Dealing with export control, sanctions and diversion to nuclear, chemical and biological weapon programmes.

TNP likes mushroomclouds and the smell of chlorine gas in the morning.


false, never smelled chlorine gas or seen a mushroom cloud
TNP’s dream car is a Ishiiruka CXBS


False, Lamborghini Reventon, or a manual VZ Holden Commodore SS (the more realistic option)

TNP liked NFS MW 2012


excellent choice of dream cars, first of all

I liked it, but not as a MW 2005 reboot or anything. I did some digging on what happened to this game and turns out EA didn’t give Criterion a chance to even finish the game. They made criterion release it half baked. Since that was the case, it was a very well polished and good looking, modern arcade racing game. I won’t say it was a proper Need for Speed, but it was still a good one.

TNP has never played Simulation racing games, only arcade ones.


Yes. My potato PC is one of the sole reasons why I never play up to date sims. I also never found them interesting really

TNP hates the term “r/woosh”


Maybe. I don’t even know what it is

TNP wants a 600SEL W140

600 SEL uWu





Nah. Much rather have a Lexus LS 400 or an Audi A8 D2 W12 if I want something from that era. W116 is the better S-Class IMO.

TNP has been banned from any online community before.