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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True. Seems like with all the technological advancements, aesthetically pleasing designs have been lost. Not to mention fuel economy standards which several older cars can meet or surpass.

TNP knows the Earth is 157 years old and its age does not change.



TNP wants 15 year import laws in the USA



TNP wants 0 year import laws in the USA :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t live in the USA but I can agree with this law.

TNP’s dream car list is waaaay too long for its own good


Oh definitely, I think I even posted some of it here on the forums :yum:

TNP would ride a superbike if they knew how to and had the opportunity


Maybe, I would probably end up crashing and killing myself

TNP feels that would also happen to them


I’ve got some experience riding bikes, but yeah, if I had a bike that would go fast enough I’d likely kill myself.

TNP has an ATV.


Unfortunately​, no

TNP is a Les Paul kind of person


I’ve worked on a Les Paul, but never owned one. In fact, the only instrument I can play and that I own is a whistle.

TNP has kids that aspire to be great (LOUD) drummers.


What are kids? ( still single :frowning:)

TNP knows what a kid is.



  1. The Offspring of two humans, between the age of 4-12.

  2. The Offspring of two Goats.

TNP is part of the problem


True. I’m part of any problem. Got a mortgage? Then I’m part of the problem of people who already own a house. Got a good paying job? Then I’m part of the problem of the widening class gap and the vanishing middle class. Like smashed avo? …etc. etc.

TNP embraces absurdism.


Interesting you say that, I’m currently reading a play that’s quite well known for its portrayal of what the author calls Theater of the Absurd (it’s the Birthday Party by Harold Pinter). Fucking weird plot and fucking weird characters. Well when you say “TNP embraces absurdism”… I embrace it from other people but don’t think I’m all that bizarre for one part, but I do feel like we’re purposeless in a chaotic universe.

TNP would say they have strong willpower


Yes, but it really is being severely tested these days (I guess that’s the point)!

Harold Pinter eh, I approve of your literary pursuits! For something related you can also try Samuel Beckett.

TNP would sacrifice dignity for money.


No way. Nuh uh.

Now for a slight change, TNP wants a Husqvarna jacket :stuck_out_tongue:


Never heard of them, but having seen one I dunno. Maybe?

TNP wants/has a Barbour jacket.



Yes. Please. Give.

TNP knows that the Hills are alive with the sound of



Absolutley 100% yes.

TNP doesn’t trust estate agents



I’m a massive Husqvarna fanboy



TRUE! If there was a 125cc version, i would absolutely buy one.

TNP would daily a Daihatsu Copen