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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


The time I’m most confused about what to say next: when my boss asks me what the differential diagnosis is. Because juniors always sound incompetent :joy:

@koolkei True. Just FYI then, I’m well beyond shaving, hence the laser comment :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP did not need to know that.



TNP gets around


depends on the context. i guess true-ish

@strop wait what’s this about laser? did you made your pube permanently bold???

TNP just broke something


It’s not broken, I just strained my right hand.

TNP also hurt their hand whilst fighting random Children.


False. Appart from self-defense, why would I fight a child?

TNP hates it when their neighbours start having barbecues and their house starts smelling of meaty, juicy goodness.


Wish that happened

TNP has dicks for neighbors


True. told us we were dumping on their land once when A: it was only leaves and B: it was actually our land

TNP hates land ownership disputes


False, can’t hate something you don’t have when you live somewhere where like 90% of people live in flats or rowhouses

TNP lives in a flat


False, used to live in a house so small it felt like a flat!

TNP likes smaller houses (I do)


Nah. I love space.

TNP would like to live on a high floor and/or a hill to see just the sky above and the city underneath (I’d love to).


I know what you mean, though moving in would be a bastard.

TNP is looking forward to the General Election tomorrow in the UK


The polls mean nothing! Even this swing!!!

Well at least it’ll be interesting, I guess.


Nothing like having a searing pulsed laser shoved up your ass crack to make you contemplate life choices. Did I mention it’s way more painful than waxing?

TNP wants me to stop, for the love of god


False; it’s your call about what to do or not do.
As for life choices though… that leaves me a bit perplexed as to what you do in the night-shift. Generally people don’t go that far there unless they put it up on display… if you get what I’m hinting at. :stuck_out_tongue:

The next person has a secret life.


I do, it’s automation

They also don’t know what I do with Russia…

TNP is under an investigation for Russian relations


Apparently i am under investigation for stealing hardbass from russian base.

TNP knows how to cheeki breeki



The next person has Strelok’s SIG SG 550.


False, I own no firearms. If that’s what it is lol.

Well apart from my old career as a cam whore significant other (who doesn’t care) and obviously the beauticians, ain’t nobody really looking, but without going into too much detail, it’s a personal foible and I just find all that bush rather uncomfortable. But my personal choices in no way should apply to anybody else :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP has compromising material of themselves floating around on the internet.


Just a few harmless selfies, nothing more.

On that note, a serious message: don’t fucking trade nudes with anyone, no matter what. Just don’t. You’re just taking all sorts of risks for a relatively small reward.

TNP belongs to the müsli master race


Müsli is for peasants, Granola is the food of the ancient ones and therefore I consume it daily to gain the powers of the dark shadowed lords of the underworld, till every breakfast table consists of solely granola

TNP can tell me when Audis (Audies? Audii?) suddenly became douchemobiles


2010 when they became just another Merc in the US and by then kids could afford B5s

TNP knows it’s pre 2000 Audi or no Audi