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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True, but it’s slow af

TNP is a dog lover


Tralse. Not really a lover, but I have a pet dog I love.

TNP prefers dogs over cats.


False I prefer cats.

TNP injured has themselves in the past week.


True, plenty of bruises and a burn

TNP has had a serious burn before


True, second degree sunburns on my shoulders. (Second degree burns are the ones that blister like crazy) I also burned the hell out of my finger the other day by touching a piece of metal that was recently cut with a plasma cutter.

TNP feels that maybe this trend of injury related TNPs is stretching on a bit much.


Yes, perhaps we should stop it.

TNP has a driving playlist for their car


Just what I normally listen to.

TNP can’t odd


I am always odd except for when I’m in a pair, because prime numbers.

TNP feels the need to update their avatar.


Absolutely completely never.

TNP makes too much selfies.


False, only when needed really

TNP takes pictures of their food



TNP likes a good Volvo


Heck yeah. Gimme a P1800 or a 240 or V90 and I’ll be a happy boy

TNP recently discovered an as-yet unknown band


How unknown is unknown? I guess ‘now available on iTunes’ doesn’t count… which is a shame because I am super excited that Everything Everything is releasing a new album and think that the OMV for their lead single Can’t Do is great.

Otherwise no, not really, more like discovering 90s underground hip-hop that never broke through and have <10k views on YouTube.

TNP does falsetto


I would give anything to do a Geddy Lee

TNP needs deo



TNP has a music taste very much influenced from someone else (thanks mom for the music)


True. My cousin got me into thrash metal.

TNP tried to do some weird recipe he/she came up with in a moment for dinner.


Chicken and gravy pastry rolls with mashed peas and carrot.
I call them Berlin Wallers because the cold war never ended for me.

Or my biscuit and butter puddings, they were a 10-minute rush and are basically somewhat decent chocolate syrup dumplings.

TNP has seen Killrob’s Gulag.


I haven’t, but I’m now intrigued.

TNP could really do with some chocolate right now



TNP is a madman/madwoman



I’m sorry, it was for the meme

And true

TNP had to explain what child porn is to someone