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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, idk if i should be curious for the story or not

TNP is displeased with their cars colour and would wrap it / paint it if they could afford it


Tralse, I like the color but I would like to get the rust fixed. For both of my cars.

TNP owns more than one car.


I have in the past, but not currently.

TNP has been pepper sprayed.


False…not yet at least

TNP likes this new Pepsi Max Ginger stuff


TRUE TO THE STARS holy hell my favourite soda when cold it just gives you that nice lil pep in your step

TNP has been in a major car (related) accident


nah, only a few minor fender benders and dents. When I was a kid, my parents got gently rear-ended once each. In the eight years I’ve been driving, I dented somebody’s door while trying to cross five lanes of traffic (bad idea), whacked my wheels out of alignment mounting a kerb due to aquaplaning, hit a wallaby (a.k.a. suicide marsupial) and wrecked the bumper, and very slowly reversed into my friend’s car which I couldn’t see because it was pitch black and absolutely bucketing.

Near misses, on the other hand!

TNP has had a tankslapper doing greater than 60mph.


False; nothing quite that bad. The worst I’ve had was my Altima throwing out her ass about a foot out of lane doing around 70 to 75mph in heavy rain. I blame the freshly painted lanes. The paint they use here is absurdly slipperly when wet. It seems like the same paint they use to paint the lines in certain parking lots, and I almost landed on my ass stepping on that once during the rain.

The next person has had a similar… “oh shit” moment at some point.


True. So this Citroen drove too close to me at the highway once, rainy day. So I take an exit and they take it too. I started braking, downshifting, etc. I panicked when I stopped and they did not, I genuinely thought we were going to crash. Fortunately for us both, they slammed their brakes and managed to stop the car a few metres behind me.

TNP ordered a certain pizza, and they were delivered a wrong one.


5 meatlovers = 5 pepperoni, according to pizza hut.

TNP likes thin crust pizza (heathen)


I shall assume you live in a country where pizza crust can be anything except traditionally thin like it was intended, so therefore I will refrain from answering to such a barbarian individual because I am superior

In all srsness I like it, I dont like pan pizza (we call it american pizza) because I like my toppings to be the main part rather than the dough, but to each their own, just like with hawaiian pizza. (damn you canada)

TNP likes “chinese” buffet


Being a real Chinese ethnic, fuck no. That shit’s for white people.


dude you have no idea just how much fucked up shit we do with our pizza crusts here in Australia. Herb and cheese stuffed, extra puffy, I think somebody was even selling a SWEET pizza with fucking PROFITEROLES embedded in the crust. What the fuck? Anyway. Being in Melbourne it’s either that or the ultra pizza snobs that, as you say, refuse to do pizza any way except the proper way. Which is why Melbourne’s won the World Pizza Championships two, three? years in a row.

TNP has a particular local/national/ethnic food specialty they will defend to the death.


Ehhhhhhh, I mean I am Chinese but I guess I’ll defend our cuisine sometimes.

TNP hasn’t got a clue what they’re doing in life.


True. I sometimes think I know what I want to do with my life but I really don’t.

TNP is obsessed with the Tim Burton Batman’s version of the Batmobile and has to build batmobile-like cars in any game that allows any kind of car customization.


Oh my gosh, I have found another member of this small but strong fan club. Any game I can get it in, trust me, I do. Best one so far has to be the Batmobile mod for GTA IV, fully working weapons and all.

This is the first thing I think of when I think of this car. It’s the best Batmobile, period.

TNP loves Tim Burton’s Batman films


True, though I’m mostly a William Dozier era fan. I cannot deny that the Tim Burton Batman movies truly kicked ass. Too bad the franchise kind of went downhill from there.

(Call me a philistine if you must, but this Batmobile is numeral uno)

TNP will back me up on this.



TNP is a ball of fury.



TNP now wants an otamatone


true… since i was the one who spurred it…

TNP knows that even if they were to get one, they wouldn’t know how to play it


I’d learn to. Can’t be that hard either way.

TNP really wants to learn a certain language but knows they won’t be able to.


Yeah, Mandarin, so I would stop being a useless banana :joy:

Also, coincidentally, my brother ordered an Otamatone. We’ll see what it is when it arrives :sunglasses:

TNP wants to be a one man band