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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False. I have a supper already.

TNP is a grammar nazi.


Heck yes I am. Though I only tend to do it in PM’s these days. And I can’t exactly talk myself, I spell like an idiot…

TNP misses out words in their sentences when they’re typing


False. My grammar impeccable!

TNP knows what weighs six ounces, sits in a tree, and is dangerous.


A blue jay

TNP knows what’s 160 lbs, wears a tracksuit, squats on the ground, and is dangerous


True - @Microwave.

TNP is a terrible person


Depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m a bitch, and other times I’m nice.

TNP is an ass



TNP is a microwave


No. I am a potato.

TNP has heard of the Jamaican genre Dancehall


False, I have not.

TNP is an introvert.


Im an extrovert with introverting mental conditions, which in other words is pure hell. Imagine wanting to constantly be around people and meet and talk but your crippling anxiety kicks in so you dont

TNP has recently been to the hospital


True, coz I work there and I was on night shift yesterday :joy:

But not as a patient, last time I was a patient was years ago when my colleagues convinced me I could have appendicitis… During my night shift. So I got myself triaged and was told to fast, so I ended up clerking the rest of my patients while hooked up to an IV. Then because I was staff, the surgeon wanted me to have a CAT scan so I waited literally the entire day for one and it wasn’t appendicitis. But the window of the CAT was a bit low so I got my nuts irradiated for my time and now anybody from my place of work can look up my scans and see a 3d cutaway model of my genirals :joy:

TNP has had an embarrassing workplace malfunction.


It was very busy at work a few weeks back and someone asked for a lager chandy and I gave them a bitter with tonic. Needless to say, it didn’t end well.

TNP has worked on a bar


False, but I have worked at a Café that used to be a bar…
Imagine tens of caravaners a day complaining to your face because you don’t serve hard alcohol anymore in dialects you don’t understand.

TNP has worked at a resort of some sort


Nope, never worked at a resort or something else.

TNP has stolen something, that wasn`t worth stealing it


True. A candy… Or is it?

Tnp is a kleptomaniac


False, somehow

I can only bring myself to steal stuff of I hate the person or know it’s mine

TNP has stolen something that was valuable


False, I haven’t ever stolen

TNP is fit


“I am like a tractor. I am slow, but I am fit” is what came to my mind after reading your question… so I’m going with that. (Tractor by Combichrist lyrics) That song is hilarious for me.

The next person enjoys odd music.


Um yeah :joy::sweat_smile:

TNP is english


Nope, a german dutch person (me) with a bit spanish :joy::sweat_smile:

TNP has a strange habit that we want to know about