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TSR Certified Service Centre

Ever got scammed for getting low-quality parts for your TSR? Well, not anymore. Go to any TSR certified dealership. Might be pricey, but it will be worth it. You will have a long lasting car, even longer lasting than going to your cheaply serviced car. Experts show that bumpers from TSR Certified OEM Parts are 35%s stronger than cheaper parts. We will service anything from your normal econobox, family wagon, antique cars, the latest and greatest TSR’s and even the craziest modified TSR’s you got out there and we’ll service, fix and even restore your TSR.

Cars in order:

  • TSR Kazuma Turbo S (1st gen)
  • TSR Ultra GT Targa (1st gen)
  • TSR Urban Coupe Base (2nd gen)
  • TSR Kansai (4th gen)
  • TSR Kansai (3rd gen, heavily modified)

You can bring your Keika too. We don’t mind. That’s right, we can also fix your Keika! We got some Keika specialist too (only in some service centers)!

-Keika Katana

So service your car in the right place! Remember, quality is always better than quantity.


Haha! I love this, awesome!


The Schedules for the Reveals of TSR Super Cars

  • Top
    Antiyita International Motor Show
  • Middle
    Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Bottom
    Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Names of the cars shall not be revealed after the car is revealed

The Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018 is here!


More Reveal Schedules!

  • Top
    Antiyita International Motor Show
  • Middle
    Paris Motor Show
  • Bottom
    Los Angeles Auto Show

The Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018 is here!


Soon to be revealed cars are listed in the OP.


At 1964…

At 1964, one of the sportiest cars in the 60s were born. With the Kansai having a facelift for the 1964 model year, TSR CEO, Tomoyaki Takashiro build a sportier version of their 2nd generation Kansai, the GTS. It has no compromises except for the luxurious interior. Today, the GTS is the most sought after Kansai in the history. It is able to do 0.97g’s on the skidpad making it one of the sportiest cars in the 60s. For people, it’s worth millions. For TSR, it’s priceless since all their passion and soul injected to this beautiful car.

-The 1964 TSR Kansai GTS shown in Gloss Black circa 1964

The original advertisement is here!

For a test drive for this car, please contact (PM) us.

Generations [LORE, UE4] [RD 4 RESULTS, RD 5 OPEN]

A real beauty, no question about it!
I’m a sucker for 60s sports cars so a bit of a shame that there’s not much room in my company lore for those. :smiley: