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Turkey Levy! (light truck challenge) ENDS Apr 1st (now closed)


It’s the late mid century and the popularity of light truck are rising you’re tasked with making a vehicle to fit the bill.

Game Version:
The version you must be running is B170116.

*Years 1970 - 1985
*Pickup body
*3 meter (3.28084 yard) wheelbase max
*Only mods from Pyrlix’s High Quality Essentials
*Regular unleaded only
*Only mass production parts
*30 minimum driveability
*No more than 8500 rpm
*No quality points
*Weight under 3000 lbs(1361 kg)
*Cost 15000 with no markup
*Max 8 Cylinders

*How it looks
*How good is the color
*High utility
*High safety
*Low weight
*Low price
*High Drivability
*High avg reliability
*High Torque
*High horsepower

Pm me the file with the model and engine name as LTC - (your name)



Looks alright, just not sure about that RPM rule and the no mods rule. To make it easier, just allow mods only in Pyrlix high quality essentials pack on the workshop.


Why such an old game version? We’re currently on B170116 and there have been a lot of balance changes between the two and I think also additional content.


I have so many mods I’m not even sure what aren’t mods.


I reckon it’s a hacked copy…lots of links if you Google Automation B161009

If I am wrong then I apologise…but it’s a BIG if…because you can’t install Steam mods on a hacked version!

All challenges should use the current build.

And there I was looking forward to being beaten in another AG challenge. :frowning:


No i just was tired and couldn’t find i current version number it has now been updated!


That smelly smell…



In that case, I humbly apologise for my earlier statement. :frowning:

And on a happier note…I can get beaten in yet another AG challenge… Hurrah?


Pyrlix’s High Quality Essentials are now allowed!


Read rules. Yeah cool challenge.

read first posts. Grrr bloody pirate

read to bottom. Oh fuck yeah awesome someone that isnt a hacker woohoo…now i feel bad… sorry jon


I shall draw a line in the sand with the SMT UX36. This is a cheap entry-level truck built to haul loads of stuff for a modest price.


Don’t worry about it’s all good now.


The 1985 Townsend Tulsa - Business, Meet Pleasure

Who says you have to be serious all the time, when business is your game? Townsend doesn’t believe you should. That’s why the 1985 Tulsa is designed to meet the needs of both your sensible and wild sides.

With more than a half ton payload capacity and 19 MPG combined fuel economy, Tulsa will work all day long for you. Advanced safety and control features will give peace of mind in all conditions.

Sourced from Toledo Ironworks, the Tulsa’s 3.5 liter V6 pumps out 165 pulse-pounding HP. Available all-wheel drive will get you where you need to go, and with a 5000 pound towing capacity, your toys can as well.

And when the weekend is done, all that power is ready to work for you.

Tulsa has a flavor available for every taste, with 5 trims, 15 exterior colors, and 4 interior colors to choose from.

Come see one at your Townsend dealer today.

1985 Townsend Tulsa GX 3.5 shown in Medium Sangria Metallic.


1985 Cornaldie Automotive Journey!


**Best utility, durability and safety goes to @VicVictory **
**Best price goes to @abg7 **
**The winner best overall is @doncornaldie **


Yay I won something.