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TV and Movie Car Challenge


2007 Pendragon ventura 2.0 ecoturbo


1995 PAZ 2206 1600SW Automat Wagon
If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it


Nice Lada Nova, and I applaud your bravery.


Now thats a Lada Car for the money…


So, submissions are closed. I counted 18 PMs so I hope you will get the premiminaries until Wednesday. I ll try to hurry up.
Thanks to all sending their cars.


Neko SX-3


All cars have been imported, but I guess some are missing some fixtures.
So please make sure you have posted an ad here to make me evaluate the design correctly. :slight_smile:
But with four cars was a major problem.

@Kyuu77 , @conan , @Arn38fr , @Hilbert
I cant import your car but the game did not accept it. Did you use a Mod body unknown to me (I guess I have all)? Or was your car built in open beta?


It’s probably due to open beta. I try to convert it tomorow morning.


Its ok for me if I have it on friday. I am checking all cars working now so preliminary results will be there at the weekend.


When I hosted my last round of PDC, I had issues with fixtures not showing despite having all UE4 mods, this wasn’t so bad as it didn’t effect one of the cars, but it deleted the tailgate on the other.


My car was built in open beta but the only part from the beta was the exhaust.


Is something gonna happen here soon?


Yes, I was just a week absent from the forums due to work, didn’t take my private laptop with me.
Just returned and will now throw together my car for HHD and then do the reviews tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Take your time :))


The Preliminaries

The cars are now being approved by the actor (A), the producer § and the mechanic (M).

We start with the KGB Kuma S by @Kyuu77

P: Doesnt look bad at all. Too bad it is not road legal in Britain…

Not considered due to being built in open beta

Neko SX-3 by @Mikonp7

A: Now this is a car I like. It looks good
P: I second this. Much sportier and way more modern than the old Smith&Hughes.
M: But some strange engineering choices have been made. Nevertheless, it is way more powerful yet thriftier than the Season one car. And the reliability records from 2006 are good.
A: But now that I have driven it, I must say that drivability and comfort aren’t great. A shame as it looks so nice and there are many pro’s on the list.
M: But it’s great for stunt driving. Powerful, sporty, … yet difficult to handle.
P: Guys, we have so many more cars waiting there. Go or No?

Very close miss, but in the end not considered due to lowest drivability in the competition and the good sportiness and medium comfort can not compensate it.

PAZ 2206 by @Mad_Cat

A: Oh, come on! Some Russian relic from the cold war?
M: Don’t underrate it! It is extremely reliable and practical. And since '95 they are mounting a modern computer-controlled four-speed automatic.
P: 1995, this is way before the Smith&Hughes of season one has even been built.
A: Coming from the test drive I must say it is not as slow as I thought, but 9,5 liter… come on. And it drives stiff, can oversteer and the comfort is low.
M: I repeat myself: It is a great car!
A: It is very, very cheap and a totally basic car, so very credible for my role. Social workers do choose the simpler and sturdier car.
P: No, we can’t choose a car inferior to the season one car in every way.

Not considered as it can’t keep up with more modern rivals. Although very credible for the role. And the mechanic liked it.

Aarnholt Portal by @Fletchyboy100

M: Another car stuck in the past. It looks and feels like mid-90s. Actually it is from that time… I see it’s built since 1995 in exactly this shape.
A: I second this. It’s looking so bland and it drives rather crude compared to today’s standards. And those hard plastic and boring design in the interior… still crank windows…
M: Yea, it’s not comfortable.
P: But it’s cheap. That’s nice. Weren’t cheap cars credible?
A: Yes, but I don’t want it.

Not considered due to low drivability and comfort. The looks are also not great for 2007 standards.

This was the first round of four. Stay tuned for the next one. I have many similar cars and it’s really a hard job to make the right descision.


As I will be very, very busy the weekend, I decided to run the next cars right now. I picked another four cars to sort out, giving you transparent information why they did not make it further.

P: Now I got the next four keys… I drove the car to our film set, and these are really a step up. Hard to make descisions.
A: That red one. Give me the key!

Basilo Treidici by @conan

A: I want it! Che bella maccina!
M: I don’t trust the Italians. Let me drive it to the workshop first for scrutineering. (half an hour later he returns) For an Italian car, it is surprisingly reliable and well-built. I might give this a go.
P: A social worker with a V6 italian car?
M: Only 7,4 liter consumption, and it carries some pizza really quick. And how it looks!
A: The heated leather seats in beige! The carbon decor! It is just so great.
P: Alright, go for a test drive!
A: The comfort is really great, although it’s sportiness is ok for a sport sedan. But I had to struggle sometimes with the drivability, it’s waspish as hell.
P: And the practicality is low. Quite tight interior and trunk. We have credibility problems, so next one please.

Great looks, great engine and the reliability is better than a Beta Giulia. Surely a car not to scorn. But not fitting for the role and rather expensive.

Brunator Noya by @brunator

A: Also I car I’d like to be seen in!
P: The design is good, but… 8,5 liter consumption. Not low for a two-liter engine but in the range what the character could afford.
M: Also here good reliability.
A: It is sporty AND better to drive than the Basilo. But… it’s not really comfortable.
P: Go or No?
M: Regarding the medium drivability that is surely not bad but no highligt, the third-class comfort and the rather thirsty engine… we should proceed.
A: Ok, it is good, but just not good enough.

Sorted out due to low comfort in the field, and the drivability is only average, but noticeably better than what I have binned yet.

Decarlis D30 by @Arn38fr

A: Great design! Non-offensive but looks serious and elegant, without neglecting sportiness.
P: The price reflects it. Slightly over budget and a little bit too prestigious to be credible for your character.
M: Comfort and standard equipment is upper class. Slightly less reliability than most cars here, although still nothing to complain about.
A: So… is it worth the extra price?
M: Practicality is low, so it is worth it’s price but not for the protagonist… right, boss?
P: Yes, you are right, and consumption is above 10 liter. We search a car for a social worker, not for Prince Charles!

Binned for high consumption and price. It’s a level above what the producer looked for, and the pracitcality is low.

Niveon Traveller by @Niveon

A: This fits the character perfectly. Unusual, agile, just not like anything else. Remember Bill Felton was punk musician.
P: Right, but isn’t it too small for a wheelchair or so?
M: Not if you can fold it. It is more spacious than you might think. The suicide doors are good for seating disabled people.
A: Must be very sporty.
M: It is! And the consumption is ultra-low. Only five liter. FIVE! But the safety isn’t great. No wonder, how small and light it is…
A: Low safety? I dislike this! Is it secure on the road?
P: Try it out. I like the styling and the way it fits to the character.
A: Argh. Very waspish. It’s driving like a Go-Cart. And has comfort like one. I would love to drive this as it really fits William Felton. But being so small and quick yet rather unsafe… that is not credible.

The producer decided to let it appear as Felton’s car in episodes 4 to 6 of the show. It is introduced as a rental car, as the 20 year-old Renoir of his brother starts to annoy with being slow and worn-out and Bill needs something he likes.

Binned due to low comfort and safety. A good car nevertheles, fitting the character.

As we have now a car for the next three episodes, we have now a litte time to rest until we proceed our search.


Episode four has now been aired, with a Niveon Traveller as rental car. In the last scene, we saw the protagonist signing a contract at a car dealer, odering a new vehicle. So time is running.

Valas EXT-S by @Bmaggiori

A: Looks nice. And fitting to the role, something modest but youthful.
P: Dear god, 9,6 liter consumption for such a small car?
M: It’s regular gas, so slightly cheaper, but there are thriftier yet larger cars. Surprisingly spacious, but medium safety only.
P: Comfort is really good for such a small vehicle. How does it handle?
A: Totally boring. The looks promise more than it keeps onroad, although the comfort is really a good point.

Binned for high consumption, medium drivability and medium safety. Practicality and comfort are very good for its size.

Pendragon Ventura by @mart1n2005

A: Looks serious.
M: It is. But rather poverty-spec, it’s an entry-level sedan just like the old Smith&Hughes.
P: So consistent for the story then. Great. Anything to know about it?
A: It drives booooring and the comfort isn’t great. But quite ok in these two disiciplines.
M: The consumption is low with only 6,7 liter and the safety level is rated high. Solid car.
P: Go or no?
A: I’d say a no, it’s a good car without doubt, but I think there are better ones waiting outside.

A good car definitely. Pretty much a re-interpretation of what the protagonist drove before, but drivability could be higher. Pro*s in consumption and safety.

Kiran Jidosha+ by @Hilbert

A: Yuck, this is the automotive neutrum. A realistic choice in real life, but for a TV show?
P: It is cheap and simple, this is a pro in my opinion.
M: As it is a budget car, safety is rather poor. But drivability and comfort are medium, good for the price. Also low on petrol, only 6,2 liter.
A: Yes, but other cars are by far superior for only a few bucks more. William Felton would surely spend some more pounds for a fancier one.
P: Alright, so it’s a good budget car but not more?
M: Yep. This was designed to beat walking, not more.
P: Well, keep this as movie car for the homecaring service, looks like we can substitute the old Renoir they use in the show.

Good budget car. But low safety kills it, and drivability could be slightly better to get further here. Got his role in the show anyway, but as background vehicle in few episodes.

Los Lumos LT18 by @machalel

A: Doesn’t this look a little bland?
P: I do not think so.
M: It is sporty and has a good handling, making it capable of a few stunts. Safety is acceptable.
A: Alright, handles better than most we had yet. Comfort is also average, nothing I can complain about.
P: Huh, 6,4 liter consumption. Great! And the service cost is low. And as a wagon very spacious. I give this a go!
M: Only minor reliability issues, it’s a strong entry here. But… I think we should go on.
P: Really?
A: Yes. I still want that Italian car.

Congratulations, this car has no evident weakness. It shares the fate of most mid-field entries, it has been done with some effort, but is nowhere standing out.

Franklin Marshal VanGo by @Jaimz

A: Great interior space, this is perfect in this discipline. And it’s driving totally easy, like putting on a t-shirt.
P: You can carry around a punk band with that. Maybe good for the storyline?
A: Almost too comfortable for a real punk band. Rarely seen such a comfortable delivery-based van.
M: I do not recommend it. The safety is at best average for a brand-new model, and it’s sportiness is really not there. Would be bad for stunt-driving unless we want to crash it. And the consumption is rather high.
A: This car has a drag coefficient like a cupboard, what do you expect?
P: Enough for today, you two are starting to annoy me with your nitpicking.

Good car, surprisingly comfy and exactly what Bill needs. But it made a bad impression considering some stunt driving.

There are the GEC by @abg7, the SAV by @donutsnail and the Forea by @vouge left for the final.

Edit: I have forgotten @DukeOFhazards car. Don’t worry, it will be included next round.


does that mean its in the final? or it will be in another prelim round?


Got his role in the show anyway, but as background vehicle in few episodes.

I’ll take this as victory


SAV Serraza by @donutsnail

A: This is a Nohda, isnt it?
M: No, an SAV. But yes, looks like an USDM Nohda. Too bad it does not have the reliability like a Nohda. It’s the lowest here. Not really bad, but there are issues.
A: Too bad, it handles like a dream and offers first-class comfort. Drivability, comfort and sportiness, it disapppoints in no way.
P: Consumption is 7,2 liter, that is ok. Safety ratings are great.
M: I say no. Reliability is too low and the service cost is really huge. For an US production this would be the car to go, but this is Britain and it’s half a class too fancy.

A good car, very comfortable and handling great at bearable consumption. More reliability and it would have won.

Charge Devenport by @DukeOFhazards

A: Whoa, what a clunker!
P: Very large indeed, but that’s great for the story, so much you can do with a van.
M: Handles better than the Franklin Marshal, some stunts would be possible. Quite reliable for an American, having acceptable workmanship. Safety and comfort ratings are good, it’s a great family car. I expected this to waste petrol, but it only needs 9,3 liter which is great for it’s size. It isn’t even slow with that rather modern 2,4 liter four-cylinder in EU Spec.
A: Servicing is inexpensive considering the size. And $ 24.100 is a bargain considering what you get here. But it feels too large for me.
M: Yes, stunt driving isn’t a pleasure here as well.
P: No matter what you say, it’s great.

The Devenport was bought by the company as shuttle for the production team, as it was great for carrying the camera men and their equipment.

Great van, but the protagonist may prefers something more agile. Nevertheless it has beaten many sedans here without even needing the practicality to match.

GEC GC2 by @abg7

A: Looks progressive, but a bit bland in details.
M: Bearable service cost and good reliability. Nothing wrong with it. 7,3 liter is ok.
A: Handles great, with a hint of sportiness. But the SAV was definitely more comfortable.
P: Yep, there could be more standard features for that price. Is there anything else wrong with it?
M: Hardly.
A: Look at that tight interior. Clearly preferred modern looks over function.

Best drivability here, but it gave away the victory with rather low practicality. Otherwise no weakness.

Forea Connecta by @vouge

A: Looks like a Yotato.
M: Forea might be a sub-brand, I don’t know. Reliability does match Japanese standards, this is a very trustworthy construction.
P: Also cheap to service and very thrifty with 6,3 liter. What are the cons of it?
M: Can’t find. Safety is good, and it handles fine. Not really a dream of stunt drivers, but better than the Charge, there is really more agility here although it’s clearly a family hauler.
A: Comfort isn’t great but not bad. And it fits anything I need in my role.
P: These looks are also great. Really nothing special as it’s a workhorse, but not too bland. Quite pleasant.
A: Take it, it fits my role the best.
M: Take it, it’s a well-engineered one.
P: Alright.

A well-balanced car exactly delivering what the protagonist of the show needed. The competition was hard and there were some entrants that could also have won, but overall this one is the best compromise between all requirements.

William “Bill” Felton got his new Forea in episode seven of season 2. It lasted until season 6, episode 10, when it was blown up. Felton fought against a street gang that wanted some more respect from him. From episode 11 on, he drove multiple worn-out shitboxes from the 80s, such as CMT Astrona, Renoir Chamonix, Smith&Hughes Reliant, Hokuto Levara and Tanaka Aventis. The last episode, aired April 2012, season 7 episode 21, saw him preparing for a travel around the world with a 1955 Smith&Huges Sirius that he restored in the last season.

@vouge I know there has been some… discussion about you. I know your old account. However everybody should get a second chance and I trust you that some thing won’t happen again.
You are allowed to host the second MCC.